Receive The Love



“Like an ocean receiving the waters of rivers, I receive all of the

love the universe has to offer me.”

Universal Mother Mary speaks: “I am here dearest children of mine, and it is within this month of
May that I delight in bringing you my new essence RECEIVE THE LOVE. My children, it is time for you to
receive the love that comes as your birthright for any one upon my dear Earth. The prerequisite for
receiving love is that you live here on beautiful Gaia, there is no other!!!!
I could dwell on all the ways that you have blocked this love, but let us leave all that NOW and forever.
Like the waters rushing from the melting snows into the mountain streams, hurrying over rocks and soil
into fertile rivers, and finally into an enormous ocean of pure love, it is time for you too, to receive like an
ocean of pure love. You are saturated with this love already, dearest ONES, and you have all worked hard
to clear yourselves of the ways in which you limit yourselves. Your beautiful lush inner gardens that I see
bursting into bloom in the greater and greater light that your efforts have brought can be continually
watered with your reception of this pure love. It is time to enjoy this lavish and luxurious love and rejoice
in joy and gratitude!!!!”
How do you know if you need this essence? Do you have challenges when it comes to receiving love
from others or even from yourself? Do you feel as if you are armored and have been for a long time,
perhaps based on a childhood experience? Are you “bio-available” for healing energies to pour through
you? Can you accept the love and compassion coming from universal healing energies? This essence will
also heal the inability to be fully nourished by the food that we partake of. Part of the issue is that we
block nourishment! Often we will gain the calories but not receive the full benefit of the food. Our
digestive system receiving the food, should be like the ocean receiving the river waters of love.
The flower essences that stepped up to serve this flower essence remedy are as follows:
Centurea – Pulls or harnesses pure love from universes beyond universes.
Purple Lilac – Her affirmation is “I am the inhale of mystery and the exhale of magic.” A portal of
mystery and magic brings us also an understanding of the exquisite nature of giving (exhale) and
receiving (inhale) and the greater the exhale the greater the inhale infinitely amplified.
Lupine – Merging into ONENESS, dissolves all duality.
Pink Hollyhock – Hollyhocks demonstrate and bring to us a discriminating nature and a balancing
resonance that becomes useful as we become more multidimensional. Dwell in physicality with an
innocent grace and ease.

Magenta Rose Hollyhock – It was important to Universal Mother Mary that all four Hollyhocks be used
for RECEIVE THE LOVE. Hollyhocks have extremely high frequencies that assist us in reaching and
dwelling in realms of the highest order, while still allowing us to be comfortable on the earth plane.
Apricot Hollyhock – Elementals of earth and ether cavort together in frolic and delight, up and down the
blossom filled stems, showing us the playfulness of how to be comfortable in earth and ether.
Yellow Hollyhock – Another color is added to the spectrum! Hollyhocks reach high and pull down for us
the frequencies of higher realms.
Sweet Pea – This is well known for good sleep, but what is less well known, is that this essence helps us
to bring us ONENESS will all others. Weaves together our lives so that we can experience harmony with
all that is.
Therese Bugnet Rose – Gives us a release from all of the ways in which we limit ourselves in the way that
we enjoy our lives.
Wood Betony – Contagious courage in that it takes many courageous souls to bring about the enormity
of the love that is required for a tipping point of the reception of love for all of Earth and beyond.
Amphitrite – This exquisite flower holds a special vibration that makes us more receptive to receiving


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