Recapturing the Passion



This combination formula will move us slowly into adjustments that will energetically support the new physical heart and all inherent galactic_grace_collectionmanifestations of the heart chakra system. It is important to understand that articulation of this process is very difficult and that what you read here is just a glimpse of all that is to be for the energetic heart system. Building the galactic body means that we will receive interplanetary energy to realign our energetic bodies. On a practical level this essence combination will bring the ability to amplify the heart energies so that we can continue to accommodate the expansions inherent for the evolution of the light body. As the gravitational pull of the earth lessens, the heart needs to make adjustments and this essence combination will assist with this process. Also the heart beat of the earth is shifting and this essence helps with this adjustment as well. Brings the passions that are at the depth of the soul experience from the subconscious to the conscious level. We received expanded information on the first two orchids:
Heart of Light – launches our emotional body out of old patterns of defensiveness into Universal Connectedness . Releases emotional armoring of the heart, expanding the chest, allowing the heart chakra to extend back and re-connect to the central axis of the aura. Moves us into a new awareness of the time/space continuum. The 15th chakra opens to the residence of “Universal Order,” the home of sacred geometry. This orchid creates an almost star-like energy coming our of the heart chalice, except that the extensions of the star are like the curled petals of the chrysanthemum that are receptors for light vibrations. These light vibrations are like those in the middle of the sun- light that demonstrate a new symmetry. Activating energies from the sun and other areas of the galaxies ignite atomic work that creates a vortex or magnet of light that will help our body to better assimilate different light spectrums. These spectrums of light that will we will bring in are highly monumental, perfect for moving forward in greater realization, they amp the whole body. This orchid will assist us to “walk” on or off the earth – as this process is brought into place we will bring in more light and more frequencies for our light body in greater spectrums. We see these spectrums as they become available to us, as stepping stones into higher consciousness. With this orchid, our ability to source from universal sources rather than earth sources will be perfected. Before, we were dependent on earth for our existence, now we will be independent but still in sacred relationship with her. As co-dependence with earth is reduced so too will our dependence on her gravitational field be realized.
Purity of Heart – this orchid aligns us with deep inner peace and brings us to a place of truly knowing that we are timeless. The energetic system of focus is of the heart. As the earth polarities shift, we will also shift our polarities, creating a more aligned condition of flow. (Elizabeth notes that her polarities shifted on December 11th, 2011. ) This orchid sends messages to receptors so new information can be brought in to reactivate and reprogram the body into its calling especially through sound, light and color. The body will redefine and redesign itself, reconfiguring, along with the Universal reconfiguration. This orchid will be responsible for our ability to maintain and distribute more specific types of ionic energy (different spectrum was seen) that will be activated and stabilized in the areas between the 6th and 13th chakras, building the “I am that I am” mer-ka-ba. We saw the inner knitting of corpuscles and sensory organs that we will need to participate and live in a galactic environment. The full manifestation of the heart will show a changed symmetry, changing the flow of energy. The result will become lighter and less dense.
Unveiling Affection – this orchid improves our ability to love and nurture oneself, as well as opening our hearts with affection to those around us. Good for those who feel emotionally bereft.
Serendipity – this orchid is for when one is feeling bogged down with too many responsibilities or feeling stuck. Helps us to move into preparedness to move into action with deeper dimensions of one’s being.
Devata – this orchid was also named the “Noble Soul.” Helps us to gain a serene overview and perspective on life. Deva means radiant or shining one, while Devata refers to the spiritual potential of the soul, to the human heart warming the world with its noble presence. Brings out the nobler qualities: quietly regal, insistent but not aggressive, acting with integrity.
Totem – this orchid helps us to turn to our totem animals for boundless strength, knowledge and affirmation of the goodness that lies at the Heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Walking in the Earth’s Rhythm- return to the original energetic imprint of our DNA. Repairs old ruptures within the etheric matrix of the throat chakra. Helps us to walk on the earth and “listen with our feet.”
Moldavite- no information yet
Acceleration Crystal – no information yet, brings momentum.
Blue Daisy – this is an etheric addition. Blue petals with a golden center, opens up cellular structure and inserts sacred geometry into a more precise attunement. Brings patience and a calm tranquility nature to the lungs and heart. Very much aligned with the respiratory system as a whole. Offers a new intelligence in the way to breathe, locks deeper divine patience into our breath. Aligns the heart with the symmetries of the Star of David and a diamond shape template overlighting the heart, then we saw a dove nesting in the heart- the way peace is its home, reminding us to come back home to the peace of our hearts.
Trilogy Flower – We saw a vine of purple morning glory like flowers with pink stamens, a white flower with blue stamens, gold with red and peach with white /crystalline stamens. This beautiful vine sings to the heart of love, wonder, mystery and experience. It brings back harmony and symmetry through tones and patterns to recreate a new heart seat. We saw concentric circles moving in patterns until the process was completed. A lilac/goldenrod scent recalled the support of neurotransmitters that realigned the ability to smell with the heart of center, bringing in aspects of our heart through information that our nose will be able to discriminate. We saw that the entire sensory system will be connected to the heart.
Black Tourmaline with Diamonds – This was a splendid rock to look at as it entered our formula etherically. We were told it had a connection to stardust, and that we were working with the energies of actual stardust. We saw the colors of orange, red, yellow, violet and many other frequencies of color that make up a galactic spectrum of light. It aligns our vibrational system to our kinesiology abilities, thereby offering assistance to those who are still challenged by receiving divine guidance via kinesiological practices. This stardust energy completes the capsule inside the ignition function within the mitochondria of the cells, this will give us superhuman ability to resist disease and decay. We saw a silver outline or covering around each cell in our body. It super sensitizes the muscular system to respond, increasing our sensitivities. More upgrades for our body for alignment with the galactic energies.


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