“ I am the essence of permanent purification.”

“I am Mary. I bring you love and blessings. Today, also, my children I bring you the gift of permanent
purification through the essence I want you to call PURIFY. Herein, you will find the individual flower
essence of Pearly Everlasting and I step back and allow this lovely and most essential flower deva to
speak for herself.”
“I am the most subtle frequency of Pearly Everlasting. You may know other uses for me, but at my
very essence, this is who I am. My service is to assist you in clearing the dross from your energy field and
polishing all aspects and dimensions of you into a sweet purity and pearly opalescence.
Sweep the porch, wash the windows, and polish the silver. Yes and as you this, I will sweep out the
dusty corridors of your being, wash every one of your cells, and polish your own inner mirrors. See that
bit of brown at the edges of my petals? That represents the bit I scrubbed from you! You can go to the
store and search all of the aisles and you will never find a cleaning agent anything like me. I polish not
only the dimensions of your being that are obvious to you, but also cleanse the multiplicity of
dimensions that you may or may not be aware of. Awareness of maintaining purity on one dimension
leads to greater awareness of purity on other levels as well. It is a process.
I know that over and over again, it seems that I see you all cleaning; it appears to be a never ending
process on the third dimension. I am most happy to inform you that my service through my essence is
that you no longer have to repeatedly polish the interiors and exteriors of your multiple dimensions. My
gift is that you will sparkle endlessly like the light that you are, without the need of repetition of your
purifying efforts.
My flowers and essence can also be used to purify the interiors that you live in. I will keep the interior
energies gleaming so that your visitations from angelic, faerie, elemental, and other love and light non-
physical beings are frequent, for they love cleanliness. Know me as an etheric broom! Has cleaning ever
been this easy?
Your pearly opalescence loveliness will impact your life in a special way. Your polished interiors and
exteriors will attract to you an exquisite light and presence beautiful to behold. Let us begin!”
We have found that all of the flowers in this combination bring the body to its purest state possible.
Pearly Everlasting has the service of bringing us to a state of purification that we simply cannot step
back down from. In other words, after we detoxify, we have found that that eventually we become toxic
once again. With the use of Pearly Everlasting, this will not happen. This flower is also excellent for the
skin and its purification.

I put sprigs of Pearly Everlasting in my bird baths and the water stays perfectly clear and clean for
weeks, even in hot weather and of course the birds love it. You can pick Pearly Everlasting and hang it
upside down in an attic; the bunches, held tight with a rubber band. You can then place these dried
bouquets around the house that are very purifying for the surroundings.
Other flowers in this formulation are White Mullien, White Forget-Me-Not, White Cosmos, Comfrey,
Daisy, Hellabore or Lentin Rose, Indian Pipe, French Marigold (a very almost white gold marigold),
Mayflower, and White Snowdrops.


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