PURIFY is a Mary Essence and all of the flowers in PURIFY help to bring the body to it purest state possible. PEARLY EVERLASTING is a key flower in this combination and it is unique it that it brings us to a state that we cannot step back down from. In other words, after we detox, we often get toxic again, but this flower is able to maintain us at the level we are able to purify and not compromise again and again. I put sprigs of Pearly Everlasting in my bird baths and the water stays beautiful for a long time, even in very not weather – and the birds love it!

Other flowers in this formulation are White Mullien, White Forget Me Not, Cosmos, Comfrey, Daisy, Hellabore or Lentin Rose, Indian Pipe, French Marigold (a very almost white gold marigold), Mayflower and Snowdrops.


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