Pure Joy Fragrance



PURE JOY – Wonderfully uplifting combination brings ongoing joy into our lives. The fragrance can only be described as sublime. It is suffused with thirteen varieties of fragrant Orange blossoms. Orange flower essence is known for its ability to lift the emotions while it also calms. PURE JOY also contains Ice Plant for the highest state of bliss, Red Rugosa Rose for dispelling anything in the atmosphere that seeks to disturb our joy, Tansy and Mustard, both known for their abilities to lift us out of depression (even chronic depression), Zinnia for exuberant, enduring and rugged joy, Columbine for celebration of life, Blue Flag Iris for ecstatic joy and Helenium for laughter. Also holds the gems of Watermelon Tourmaline (for bringing joy from other dimensions and distances us from self drama) and Garnet / Silver (combination gem added for stimulating new realities of existence and health).


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