Protection Combination Formula – Contains 17 essences that give unparalled protection to the energy field. This formula includes protection from man-made dissonance in the airwaves. It gives electro-magnetic buffering as well as adjustment to atmospheric changes. It includes essences that protect against negative astral energies. There are essences for those that “hook” into your field and are sapping your energy. There are flowers in this formula that help you to improve your discernment abilities and help you solve situations where you feel you are under psychic attack. There is an essence here that protects from mutations (viruses are an example) that are not supporting our energy field. Of course the spiritual realms guidance keeps it beautiful, the first essence they asked me to include is Hardhack which improves our ability to love ourselves unconditionally, therefore assisting us to also love others unconditionally.

Protection Combination Formula contains the following essences:

Hardhack- for improving our ability to nurture and love ourselves unconditionally.

Pennyroyal- keeps us from absorbing negative energy from people and places.

Watch Your Back- for if there are “hooks” into our energy field, often from co-dependant relationships, sapping our power, helps us hold our field with integrity.

Clematis- keeps you grounded

Yellow Water Lily- improves our discernment, helps us to see what we need to see.

White Yarrow- especially useful protection from electrical devices, computers, microwaves, high tension wires, hair dryers, etc.

Claret Cup- helps us to hold energies of reverence for our body with dignity and honor.

Red Hibiscus- helps us to release from our field (so that we no longer attract them) memories of physical, mental or emotional abuse from this life or others.

Joe Pye Weed- release of karmic burdens, responsibilities that we have shouldered.

Spider Lily- improves our ability to transmit and to receive telepathically.

Red Rugosa Rose- warrior rose, hold calm and stability in times of turmoil or chaos.

Snapdragon- helps us to become more aware of our voice and how it attracts or repells protection, understand the vibration and power of sound.

Silver Rod- aligns our electromagnetic field with our Creator and thus we ride disturbances in the field with ease and grace.

Black Ebony- helps us to repel unhealthy rays of the sun while absorbing the healthy, helps us to hold more light

French Marigold- rebuffs hybridized mutations that are inharmonious.

Broccoli- protection when we feel we are under psychic attack.

Golden Armor- high level protection essences.


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