Protected Sleep



Comes in both a spray (the fragrance is 3 different species of Lavender blooms) or in dropper form. This fabulous remedy has been helpful for so many of my clients. It helps you with interrupted or poor quality sleep, protects from manmade dissonance (electrical currents in a room are an example), negative astral energies, supports dream work but protects from nightmares, calms emotions, and tones down over stimulation. Excellent for children. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and energetic by good quality sleep. It is not so much about how long you sleep as it is about the quality of the sleep that you do receive. (Flowers- Sweet Pea, Pink Tecoma, Eryngium, Ladies Bed Straw, Purple Pea, Blackberry, Lavender, Crown Vetch, White Water Lily, Plains Yellow Primrose, and Jacaranda).


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