Protected Sleep Fragrance



PROTECTED SLEEP This essence spray is for interrupted or poor quality sleep. It protects us from manmade dissonance such as electrical currents and also from negative astral energies. Supports our dream work and protects from nightmares. Excellent for children. Restores natural rhythms and sleep patterns. Calms the emotions, tones down over stimulation.

Contains Sweet Pea, Blackberry, Pink Tecoma, Eryngium, Ladies Bed Straw, Purple Pea, Indian Pipe, Lavender, Crown Vetch, White Water Lily, Plains Yellow Primrose, and Jacaranda.

To use, spray 3-4 “spritzs” in bedroom and 1 spritz around pillow area, just before retiring. Make sure room in entirely dark and that a minimum of electrical currents are flowing in the room. It is best not to watch television or do computer work just before sleep.


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