Present Moment



“Moment by moment, I am infinitely aware of the purest aspect of this very second of my

presence through every thought, word, and deed.”

“I am Mary and you have heard me calling to you dearest ONES. Your journeys, dearest children
tend towards being in the outer world but, more often now I see that you are attending to your inner
worlds. We wish to remind you on this day that your inner world journeys are most significant, yes, we
like that tendency, but of course, indeed, both outer and inner journeys are necessary for your spiritual
growth. It is not for the sake of curiousity that we invite you to journey inward, no children, there are
practical matters that plead your attention.
We find children that in your daily moment to moment activity, that there is a greater need for your
attention to be in the greater awareness of being a divine presence in every moment. We mean you,
yes you are divine presence. You look inward, you look outward, you look to the future, you look to the
past, you look up, you look down, but this very moment we want you to realize that you, you yourself
are divine presence and we want you centered in the moment and perhaps looking a bit more within as
you define the purest aspect of divine awareness to your every thought, word, and deed, in the present
We remind you dearest children of the light, that your moments, your present moments and your
attention to them will bring to you greater fulfillment then you may have imagined and we encourage
you to be of one moment, this NOW moment with our light as your guiding light. Most assuredly, count
on us to bring greater light to your outward journey through greater awareness of your journeys within.
We withdraw for now, but only outwardly; for we remain within each and every one of your present
moment(s). As you bring to every moment the most complete attitude and spectrum of awareness,
each moment will amplify its strength into the next moment and with each, a wave of divine
transformation and love.”
Anchor flowers include True Wood Sorrel, Catmint, Spring Beauty, Chicory, Plains Yellow Primrose,
Self Heal, Columbine, and Blue Cornflower.


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