Presence Within



“ I am the complete manifestation of the eternal Union of my soul and my divine partners of

love and light non-physical frequencies within.”

“My dearest ONES, I am with you always and I tell you my children that on this day my message
comes to you from within yourself. And yes dear ONES, within your heart chakra, I am there within that
chalice where I most lovingly tend your threefold flames of love, empowerment, and healing wisdom,
spoken of elsewhere within these pages. So look within my children. Too often, you externalize your
connections and know this, you have been conditioned to do so and because of this, it can be difficult
to clear this tendency.
As I am within you dear hearts, know too, that all other dimensions of love and light also reside
within you. You do not have to go knocking on the doors of the temples, my children, knock instead on
the temple within yourself. The doors will open wide, revealing portal after portal of accessibility for all
that you need for great spiritual unfoldment and fulfillment.”
We have found that this wisdom filled essence assists us to look within ourselves and to experience
divinity within ourselves rather than looking outside of ourselves. This essence brings great inner peace
and contentment, as we learn that everything that we sought has been inside us all along. This flower
essence combination has been shown to increase our consciousness, so that this new inner knowing is
possible for us in a very natural and graceful way.
Anchor flowers include Trailing Arbutus, Rhododendron, Helitrope, Crabapple, Sweet Olive,
Peppermint, Columbia Lily, Spanish Needles, and a Porcupine Quartz gem essence.


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