Pink Roses



“I walk the road strewn with pink roses that leads to a town named Wellness.”
“My dearest children, I am Mary and I greet you here in the portal of the Rainbow Garden of love
and light. Please sit down here beside me, see I have strewn the petals of pink roses all about us! Can you
sense/touch/feel the resonance of these pink roses my children. I tell you, they have unbelievable
capacities that you are just now beginning to understand. As you all know too well, humanity had the
chore of choosing the all too trodden path of “imbalance” and “disease” during its exploration of being in
free will. Hallelujah humanity has grown tired of these explorations and is moving back into divine will
and you will once again choose the pathways strewn with the petals of the flowers and especially today
these pink rose petals. Children, walk now on this thickly carpeted road of pink rose petals and you will
find that it takes you to a town called Wellness where you will dwell in the most magnificent expression
of perfect health on all levels of your energetic beingness. I give you now the gift of 13 PINK ROSES
essences placed together with the gem essences of white diamond and a grass green emerald in an
astonishing alchemy of healing energies.”
We know that higher frequencies cancel out lower frequencies of illness and disease and roses are
one of the highest frequency flowers growing here on our dear Gaia. In particular, we have noticed that
those showing symptoms of sluggish lymphatic systems benefit from the efficacy of 13 PINK ROSES.
Rose essences do a fantastic job of reviving the lymph area and bringing a vitality and flow to the whole
Contains John Davis Rose, Great Maiden’s Blush, Stanwell Perpetual Rose, Sarah Van Fleet Rose,
Heritage Rose, Agathe Incarnata Rose, Gallandia Rose, Pale Pink Rose, Coral Pink Rose, Konign von
Danemark Rose, Reine des Violettes Rose, Rosa Glauca and Quatre Saisons Rose and the gem essences
of White Diamond and a grass green Emerald.


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