Pink Diamond



“I am attunement to Pink Diamond energies.”

“I am Mary and I bring to you this day the essence of PINK DIAMOND. Know first that PINK
DIAMOND comes at a most significant point in the unfoldment of Heaven on Earth. So many, many
years have passed and the introduction of the PINK DIAMOND energies comes at a time that is a crucial
turning point. Know secondly, that this PINK DIAMOND energy is part of the Threefold Flame that lives
in the heart chakra chalice along with the Blue Flame of divine wisdom and healing and the Gold Flame
of divine empowerment.
We speak dear ONES of the essence of PINK DIAMOND and we can also say that it could be named
the essence of pure, divine love at its highest octave. We assure you dear ONES; that this octave of
divine love brings about a level of love beyond words and even beyond concepts. It is a delight, while it
is sacred, it is ecstatic, while it is peaceful, it is loving, and it is also transformative. We tell you now that
these Pink DIAMOND energies bring each of you into the space of divinity. Yes we call it space – for the
PINK DIAMOND energies hold you in a space or place of sacred divinity.
Some of you once spoke of a pink bubble and in some ways there is a correlation – however this
space that we speak of is not protective – it doesn’t need to be. Much like a divinely sacred temple
would transcend any need for protection – so too, PINK DIAMOND suffuses the participant in the energy
of sacred divine love. And as you might enter this sacred temple and become transformed – so too the
PINK DIAMOND energies will transform you and those that visit you into the essence of pure divine love.
As you hold the divine energies of this purest love, become aware of the divine space that you create
around you. The more spacious that you are, the more room in you temple for those that come to visit
and choose to partake of these truly transformative energies for transformative times. Walk the earth
in the space of the PINK DIAMOND energies my dearest children of divine love and light.”
The anchor flowers for PINK DIAMOND flowers include Pink Scabiosa, Pink Yarrow, Pink Dianthus,
Pink Larkspar, Pink Rhododendron, Pink Clover, Pink Cornflower, Pink Forget-me-not, Rose’s Star Flower,
Angelic Canopy. Gems include Celestite and Rose Quartz.


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