Physical Body Shift



“I AM the open door to balanced and harmonious physical body shifts. I am released from 3rd dimensional paradigms and am physically manifesting the transformation into Light God or Goddess.”

Contains the following flowers:

Crabapple – “I am the diamonds in your own backyard.”
Fire Orange Paint Brush – burns debris in the auric field.
Lavender – “I am perfected electrical flow.” Unblocks energetic flow lines within the force field; perfect balance such that outside forces cannot disrupt your flow.
Purple Violet – “I am violet, keeper of the violet flame.” For transformation and transmutation.
Spring Beauty – “I am elevation of your ability to translate your experience of the natural world.”
Wild White Calla – Bodhisattva essence – being leaders to show others the way towards enlightenment.
Self Heal – empowerment essence, clears old paradigms related to us thinking that we cannot heal ourselves.
Smartweed – researching
Blue Cardinal Flower – “I am messenger of the diamond energies.”
Fringed Milkwort – taking leaps into higher states of consciousness – “I breathe deeply into the inner most places and acknowledge a true willingness to surrender to a state of being.”
Joe Pye Weed – lifts heavy emotional and spiritual burdens, clears karma.
To Hear the Angels Sing – combination of flowers
Honey Bees in the White Hawthorne – clears chronic blocks on the physical level.

PHYSICAL BODY SHIFT contains other flowers that were etherically added but not identified.


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