Perfect Teeth



Over the years we have had many requests for a formula for the health of our teeth. Perfect Teeth is our second formula in which we were asked to develop a set of criteria that would outline what we wanted for humanity in terms of the perfection of our teeth. We were than asked to share this with divine guidance. We were asked to obtain all of the essences physically that were available for the teeth. Then divine guidance brought in the remaining essences. Some of the intelligence for this formula comes from the distance out reaches of our galaxy, as we could see that the assistance for this formula came in some cases from a very long, long away place. This formula comes in a spray form and is based in an organic Rosemary water from France and sterilized, filtered, purified Pi Water.

On the physical level, Perfect Teeth contains Sago Palm (attunement to the blueprint for an enlightened human), Cedar (for remembering our life purpose and mission plan), Pink Baby’s Breath (we knew this was good for teething babies, but think it is for much, much more), Toothwort (all areas of tooth health), Banana (energetic link with mouth, teeth and jaw region) and Mystery Palm (a gatekeeper essence, sifter of information, its flower looks like large teeth coming out of a jaw bone, definite link to expression and its link to the jaw, mouth and teeth).

These are the criteria we asked to have fulfilled for our Perfect Teeth Combination Formula:

1. For the revival of the original tooth design
2. For teeth free of decay
3. For the renewal of those teeth presently decayed back to original health
4. For neutralization of mercury or other substances embedded in teeth
5. For access and activation to the records embedded in the teeth
6. For radiant, glistening white teeth, filled with light
7. For the restoration of a more crystalline like structure to the teeth
8. For a reawakening of perfection related to jaw structure and tooth alignment
9. For gum restoration and health
Directions for use: Brush teeth as you normally do. Spray essence on surface of teeth. Smile!!!!!! (this part is very important; it reduces the gap time between when something happens on an etheric level and when the change actually manifests on the physical level, and its good for your body’s chemistry – when you smile your biochemistry reflects that change and your entire body becomes a smile!!!!)


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