Perfect Hearing



Perfect Hearing contains the following flower essences:

Abutilon – assistance and protection related to sound vibrations, protection from inharmonious sounds, sound buffer. Helps us to recalibrate ourselves to receive the gifts of nourishing sound vibrations, especially from natural sounds.
Daffodil – helps improve hearing, not only physically, but on the level of the clairaudient, old patterns and imprints related to hearing are cleared so that we can confidently hear what we need to do.
Allamanda – within our energy system, each of the five senses hold its own vibrational band. Allamanda addresses imprints on the hearing band, clearing “scars” so that we can hear on all levels.
French Marigold – for hearing related issues, especially good for helping us to hear what is being said, rather then what we want to hear.
Blue Bellflower – all communications, clairaudience, “translator apparatus of the 5th and 6th chakras.
Spring Beauty – elevates our ability to receive and interpret sounds from nature, for receiving sound activations enhancing our healing and evolution.
White Violet – offers clever solutions to difficult challenges
Sweet Cicely – researching
Cosmos – related to speaking, helps us to align what we “hear” into what we speak – good for healers striving to put into words, what they are hearing a higher voice say to them.


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