Perfect Eyes



This essence is for the physical health of the eyes as well as for the activation and maintenance of the third eye chakra. It will help us to see spectrums / frequencies not typically available. It will help to release and clear negative imprints in our field that relate to our inability to see clearly.

Bee Balm – amplifies our energies, strengthens the eyes on all levels
Eye Bright – supports vision and all eye issues – brings our lives and our eyes into focus and into the now
Carrot – researching
Queen Anne’s Lace- clears illusions, higher octave focus is on the third eye and its activation, supports the physical organ of the eye and vision will improve with use, greater mental clarity, reveal hidden truths.
Buttercup – shows us the way, specifically, shows us the playful humorous way!!!
Lavender – “I am perfected energetic flow.”
Spring Beauty – “I am elevation of your ability to translate your experience of the natural world.” For receiving sensory experience from non-physical realms.
Hyssop – for dealing with the guilt that occurs when we can “see” and others cannot. Clears issues related to being “further along” then others.
Smartweed – researching
Rosa Glauca – for seeing clearly.
Eyes of Mary – helps us to see things that we really don’t want to see, when feeling resistant to circumstances in your life.
Bottle Gentian – for clarity and focusing.


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