Peace Warrior



Peace Warrior Combination Formula-: brings together a powerful array of essences unsurpassed in their abilities to hold you in a place of calm and stability especially when you are called to be in a leadership position. During times of turbulence and chaos, this formula will help you radiate the powerful combination of courage, calmness and peace and help you maintain the vision of what you know to be right and true. PEACE WARRIOR assists with maintaining a positive attitude no matter what dominant “opinion” is prevailing, helps to clear old illusions and ways of being, and increase our ability to get the big perspective.

This essence formula contains the following:

Star of Bethlehem- carries the vibration of the original Star of Bethlehem, helps us confidently and joyously give birth to the new.
Coral Pink Rose- helps to keep us from projecting negative outcomes to present circumstances, shifts us to know that even though we can’t see it, all is divinely unfolding.
Red Rugosa Rose- helps us to remain stable and calm during times of turbulence, we become a presence consuming instantly anything that seeks to disturb, calls itself the “warrior rose.”
Gardenia- increases perceptual abilities, removes veils, illusions fall away, gateway to expanded reality.
Simmonetta- releases from the bondage of old ideas, transmutes mental detritus and old illusions.
Red Clover- when we are feeling anxious about events unfolding around us, defuses panic and hysteria, calms the emotional body.
Arrowhead- strengthens us to the mastery of emotion so we can radiate the purity of God emotion all the time.
Silver Rod- activates your grid matrix, aligns our grid to the electromagnetic grid of the earth, helps you hold shifts so that you hold a different integrity than mass consciousness, highly protective.
Old Blush China Rose- helps us to know we are safe and keeps us stable during the break up of illusions. Willow- for faith and optimism no matter what conditions present themselves.
The Mary Rose- helps us to be a pure and strong chalice of Divinity by cleansing and balancing the heart chambers, enlivens the threefold flame of Divine Love, Power and Wisdom.
California Poppy- focuses on letting us know our deepest hearts’ desires and acting on them.
Tuscany Rose- overflows with ancient truths that we subconsciously knew all along.
Jade- when overwhelmed, this essence helps us to flow calmly with events, move with Divine Flow.
Coconut Palm- acts as a vehicle to move the essences to where they are supposed to go in our human energy matrix.
Yellow Water Lily- unwavering sense of rootedness in Universal Truth, impermability to outside forces, discernment for God’s voice over all the static.
Indian Pipe- reveals the deep truth- Planetary Peace is an enduring reality within and all around us.
Osteospermum- gives you spiritual spine and courage , especially when doubts arise, keeps you going no matter what difficulties present themselves.
Sweet Pea- protects and soothes while you sleep, wake up rejuvenated, also improves our ability to get along with others.
Wild White Calla Lily
Manilla Palm


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