Out of Time



Really new essence, definitely helping us to know that setting goals like we did in the past may not work anymore. Universal Mother Mary says that we are not to think that 2012 is about “running out of time” but instead to understand that at that time the Mayans prophesized that the way that we experienced time would be completely different. We would be “out “ of the structure called time. Also we know that this essence is about moving towards our future selves – often called our Wingmaker self. There is a lot more to this essence and it has recently been shown for many clients, but we are still in the research stage for this combination. “I AM entirely free of time and space limitations.”

We have learned that this essence is also for people who feel very bound by time and often have schedules that are highly defined and they are unable to ever feel “out of a structure of time.” Being in being. No beginning no end. Aware of being. Being itself.

Contains, Blue Cornflower, Crown Vetch, Pearly Everlasting, Blueberry, Mallow, Bottle Gentian, Milkweed, Thyme, and Bloodroot.


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