Out of Time



“I am ENTIRELY free of time and space limitations.”

“I am Mary and we are here together in the Rainbow Garden of love and light frequencies, and
children, in this garden there is no beginning and no ending timeline. Look around children, do you see a
clock on the wall (smile)? Would you even expect a clock on the wall in this portal? No, of course you
would not, but still there is a clock on your wall? This day I speak to you of an essential concept that
most have deeply misapprehended so profoundly while you have been veiled on your explorations on
the path of free will. Understand that it will be one of the most difficult constructs to lift from your
totalities, as we move toward the full evolution of your Light Body and the Heaven on Earth we all
dream of.
Need I remind you children that your Mayan prophesies included that time would end in 2102? This
prophecy is correct in that what was meant by it was that you, as a humanity would begin the “coming
out” of the construct called time. Many thought this prophecy meant the “end of the world” but no
children, this has been misinterpreted.
Now think children of a most cherished work of art. What is it that draws you in when you look at it?
One aspect of it is its timelessness. And how do you feel? Is it as if time stands still? And again, when
you are doing what you love, don’t you say you lost all track of time? Your day became timeless?
When you resume your divine unity with Creator ONENESS, you will be so passionately alive and
being and doing what you love in every moment that you will begin to see yourself as timeless. And so
as you live it, so you will become it my dearest ONES. “
We have learned that this essence is recommended by the divine realms for people who feel very
bound up by time and often have highly defined schedules that they cannot imagine they will ever be
able “to get out of.” So part of the work of our expanding consciousness is this idea of being “out of the
structure of time.” Being just in being. No beginning and no end to the being. Aware of only being and
being itself. Once we are out of this structure we will race towards our future selves (often termed our
Wingmaker Self). It is interesting to note that some of the flowers in this formula are known for their
anti-aging properties.

“The timelessness of art is its capacity to represent the
transformation of endless becoming into being.”(Lewis Mumford)

The flowers imprinting their wisdom into this elegant flower essence combination are Blue
Cornflower, Crown Vetch, Pearly Everlasting, Blueberry, Mallow, Bottle Gentian, Milkweed, Thyme, and
Bloodroot as well as flowers that etherically added themselves.


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