One Combination Formula is a wonderous celebration of the ability to now hold and return to the full perfection of ONENESS. ONENESS means not living our lives in separation but rather in full connection with God/Goddess. It’s qualities encompass radience, grace and flow and bring about the living reality of perfect conciousness. The formula includes two gem elixers, blue diamond and lemurian seed crystal.

One Combination Formula contains the following essences: White Mullien – an essence of great purity that moves you up the ladder of Ascension – a living reality of perfect consciousness.

Passion Flower – the lifting of all tensions as we relax into Oneness with Christ Consciousness.

Star of Bethlehem – holds the vibration of the original Star of Bethlehem, huge new beginnings.

Blue Diamond – this incredible essence holds the ability to flick karma off the energy field and sends it into the void, original essence from Hara Weaver.

Pink Tecoma – an angel blanket of comfort and security, lets us know that we are absolutely and completely loved by God.

Babies of Light- reunion with the light.

Sunflower – sunflowers know that we are God/Goddess incarnate, for those who bear the responsibility of holding more light and sharing it with others, “I am God.”

The Mary Rose- clears and cleanses the heart chalice, enlivens the threefold flame of diving love, power and wisdom. “I am the threefold flame of the Heart in Balanced Action.”

Luminosity – a combination of 13 essences created by Fleuressences for holding light and emitting self-generated light, echoing the “Science of Luminosity” of Lemurian times.

Rosaraie De L’Hay – “I echo bounteous abundant, overflowing, sweet love pouring into your life everlasting.”

Rosa Banksia – offers the complete experience of unconditional love

Phoenix Rising – “I am life reborn. I am pure love found again in your heart. I am everything you have ever asked for and more.”

Rosa Gallica – the mother of all roses, this essence holds us in a precious, jewel-like structure of a very high frequency so we can hold the shifts the essences create.

Lemurian Seed Crystal – this crystal spoke to me at a workshop I was giving in Sedona, and now I know why, it holds ancient truths for our transformation into Light Gods and Goddesses.

Gall of the Earth – “I am the union of Heaven and Earth.”

Boneset – transforms bones into crystalline structures.

Coconut Palm – carries more life force into our energy system.

Indian Pipe – holds the vibration of Planetary Peace, eternally for ourselves and galaxies.

Sago Palm – this most ancient of all plants holds the blueprint for an enlightened embodiment of human form, tunes us to this perfection.

Silver Rod – activates enlightened humanity’s grids, dissolves old grids, aligns with the electromagnetic earth grid, highly protective, helps us communicate.

Golden Armor- very high level protection.


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