Nova Child



“I AM a nova child!”

“I am Mary. I bring you Nova Child. Yes, you are my children and my essence is for
my children. Yes, you say that you are an adult, and I agree you certainly act like one
much of the time (!), but NOW, NOW my children, you are a Nova Child of Nova Earth.
These attunement waters in essence form hold refined frequencies for your own
transformation, a new way of being on Nova Earth. Let us look at the characteristics of a
child. Their energy is infinite. Their curiosity and enthusiasm is boundless. All their
activities generate a will to learn and create. A child is full of trust. A child loves
unconditionally. But more than anything a child knows that he or she is a son or daughter
sourced from God, on Earth to experience Nova Earth, to love Nova Earth as only Nova
Child can. Nova Children are in full recognition of how much he or she is loved by
SOURCE and that they are sourced from SOURCE.
While “adults” will walk past a bird run over by a car on the road, a child will stop
and insist that the bird be given a proper burial and prayed for. I am Mary and I ask that
you celebrate this moment and each of the next moments as a Nova Child on Nova
Earth, allowing for the unfoldment of a complete expression of child like wonder.
This attunement entitled Nova Child adds child-like energy, enthusiasm, curiosity
and trust. It also reorganizes ones relationship to Earth and brings us into a more
complete expression of unconditional love.”


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