Nourish the ONE



“ I nourish the ONE with the goodness of Earth’s harvests.”

“We speak to you from the Rainbow Garden. (This one sees that Universal Mother Mary has
stepped aside and that Jesus, son of God, comes forward to bring forth a message.) We wish to speak to
you this day of that which nourishes; we speak to you of the sustenance that nourishes the physical
body referred to as “food” on your planes but what we like to think of as “goodness.”
The “way” to goodness dear friends is discerned by ONESelf. There is far, far too much concern on
your planes on the ways and means of nourishing the physical body. Know, KNOW (yes, we emphasize!)
that if a detached attitude prevails, all dilemmas will dissolve as they relate to the process of
nourishment of the physical body. We suggest that more love surround each step in the preparation
of the goodness of Earth’s harvests. Each day is completely different than the day previous, and the
nourishment of yesterday may not be the nourishment of today. Know that some types of
nourishment come from ethereal sources and those delicious non-physical treats may need a physical
counterpart that may require you to be more deeply grounded. Know that you might crave a food that
baffles the intellect, because you are deeply intelligent about knowing how to balance yourself, if only
you would let go of some of your deeply embedded and ingrained habits, dogmas, and rituals.
We will emphasize that the purity and seasonality of your choices be of prime consideration. Fresh
strawberries piled high, served with pure cream and honey should be cause for celebration not
consternation! Just as your relationship with a loved one is detached but also cause for celebration, so
to your relationship with how you nourish yourself is carefully honored but detached. You have learned
to love well, now use these principles to love your nourishment, become detached in outcome, and just
as you find balance in love with another, find that same balance in nourishment of the ONE.
For that is our message to you dear ONES, you are not feeding yourself, you are nourishing the ONE
with the goodness of the Earth’s harvest. The essence combination, Nourish the ONE, does the
1. Brings greater sensitivities to the process of nurturing and nourishing the physical body. Helps us
to gain clarity on the ways that we nourish the emotional, mental and even spiritual aspects of
self in ways that may not be conducive to our healing and evolution into Light Body.
2. Shifts our awareness towards nourishing the ONE rather than making it a self oriented process.
Helps us to move towards seeing that often we maintain the same physical body because that is
what we nourish. When we are able to nourish the body we are becoming, an entirely different
approach will develop.
3. Brings greater awareness to the preparation and ritual of nourishment for the physical body.
4. Clears “conditioned” thinking and pattern imprints that interferes with our own inner knowing
about how to nourish ONEself.”

Many flowers entered etherically into this formula and we were physically asked to add Apple
Blossom, Bleeding Heart, Camilla, Lavender, Purple Violet, Starflower, Canadian Anemone,
Redwood, and Blue Sky Clustervine.


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