Mother / Daughter



Mother / Daughter Combination Formula : Mother / Daughter Combination Formula is for re-patterning the difficult tendencies that can arise in the complex mother / daughter relationship. Helps us to master emotions and effective use of emotional energy for creative endeavors, breaks up deep seated anger and confusion, attunes us to forgiveness and the knowledge that each of us is deeply loved by our Creator. Helps us to rediscover the Goddess in each other. Improves our ability to see how the use of our voice affects others and our surroundings.

Mother /Daughter Combination Formula contains the following flowers:

Cucumber – mastery of the use of creative emotional energy, sometimes we dissipate it rather than using it for creative endeavors with concrete results.

Dracena – knowing we are loved by Goddess, opens us to the feminine aspect of Goddess, the vibrations of embrace, tenderness and consolation.

Petunia St. Germain – forgiveness on all levels, holds the violet flame of transmutation.

Indian Pipe – inner peace and peaceful relationships

Hawthorn – elucidates the concept of giving and receiving symbolized by the breath- the more we inhale (receive) the more we exhale (give), each enhancing the other, heart chakra balancer.

Clitoria – unleashes kundalini energy from the 1st and 2nd charkas for the purposes of illumination

Pomegranate – this flower balances the feminine aspect of the body and helps us to see how to use our creative energies efficiently.

Orange – soothes and calms heated emotional entanglements.

Maltese Cross – when we feel broken up and in pieces this essence makes us whole again, often in a new, unexpected way.

The Mary Rose – activates the heart chakra, unconditional love and compassion

Snapdragon – essence that helps us to hear the effect our voice has on others and the environment.

Wintergreen – for the establishment of boundaries, helps us to recognize where we have taken on “false” responsibility, that no longer is serving us or humanity.

Honeysuckle – helps us to let go of sentimental thinking, nostalgia, regrets, old memories and instead us that energy for creative endeavors and forward thinking.

Pink Tecoma – nothing like this flower for helping us to feel supported, comforted, secure and unconditionally loved by our Creator.

Moonlight Datura – important Goddess essence, helps us to discover our rhythms.

Feverfew – breaks up deep seated anger, confusion, worry and despair.

The Arbor Garden – for harmony, inner peace, sanctuary and grace.

Borage – for courage related to heart matters.

Jewelweed – for patience

Mignonette – this essence is for solving difficult, chronic and convoluted problems.


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