For riding your wave! Yay, we were guided to make this great new essence for you that is for lack of a more descriptive term, is for when we get “all our ducks in a row.” If MOMENTUM shows up for you in a reading, it means that you have pretty thoroughly cleared up the issues you don’t want to amplify and that you are ready on all levels to move forward. Once you are on track, the divine shows that this essence will help you to move forward once and for all. Clears all behavior that keeps us in procrastination. Brings a great deal more life force to our projects, helps us to go against the flow when necessary to clear through limitations, and brings greater refinement to our projects. (Flowers- Pumpkin, Zucchini, Red Bottle Brush, Blue Cardinal Flower, Blueberry, Butter and Eggs, Bee Balm, White Mullien, Milkweed, Salmonberry, Lenten Rose, True Wood Sorrel, Helenium, Dune Lily Thorn, and the gemstones, Orange Garnet and Gold).


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