Mary’s Cloak of Invisibility



“I am able to move freely and easily, without detection in loving service through all

dimensions of time and space.”

“I am Mary and this day my dearest ONES, I give you the gift of my blessed cloak. You see
children, the nature of my cloak is that it appears invisible to anyone with negative intentions
that looks upon it. Know my children, that within these folds you are completely protected from
all threats. Use my cloak to move from place to place with the assurance that you will not be
detected. Be sure my children, that your intentions are pure and that you are above and beyond
all fear. You are to move discreetly about the planet and galaxies in a state of loving
compassion. I am with you dear ONES.”
This was the second Mary Essence that was co-created with Universal Mother Mary. It has
been one of the most essential tools for our evolution into light body. We have learned that as
we evolve, we learn that there may be some challenging energies that force us to have greater
knowledge and wisdom as it relates to protecting our entire energetic totality from
compromising energies. These wisdom imprints are found in the flowers.
We have learned to welcome the difficult terrain, for just as a cross-country runner will
become a better runner if she runs on mountain trails rather than running just on a flat ground,
so too will we want the difficult terrain so that we learn to embrace the challenges to become
our most complete expression of Creator’s grace. This essence also brings much needed support,
comfort, security, love, and of course protection.  You will be covered in vibrations of blue
flowers that will be highly protective for ANY situation.
One client shared this with me about MARY’S CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY. This client was from
Vermont and a practicing shaman. She had been trained by a master shaman in Peru. This
master shaman had the habit of “checking on the ethers” to make sure his apprentices were
doing well. My client shared that while she was taking MARY’S CLOAK her mentor was unable
“to find her on the ethers” which was something that had never happened to him. He
eventually went so far as to call my client to make sure she was doing well, and she was able to
share with him just how powerful MARY’S CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY really was. Do not make the
mistake of underestimating the power of the flower wisdom imprints!
This essence formula contains flower and gem essences that are the most auspicious for high level
protection: Sky Blue Cluster Vine, Common Thistle, Pennyroyal, Wild Sage, Purple Coneflower, Eryngium,
Abuliton, Echinops, Canary Island Broom, Malachite Gem Essence, Turquoise Gem Essence and many
other flowers we are yet unable to detect.


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