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This essence combination, an inspiration and gift of Universal Mother Mary has been “brewing” on the ethereal for over a year now.  At first the name that came to me was simply “empowerment.”  But this never felt quite right and I just knew it wasn’t the whole story.  Then, just a few weeks ago, a flower called Golden Prairie Coneflower called out to be made into an essence, and again the divine was inspiring me into contemplating the name for this essence. (Of course, clearly, Golden Prairie Coneflower was going to be added to the flower essence combination)  Additionally, in these times, on a global level, there is a dissolution of power for those that hold power for the wrong reasons and that “power” is released and being made available to deserving souls.  This is creating quite a lot of chaos at the moment.

During this same time period, I was shown that each of you is transforming from – the analogy is- a 100 watt light bulb to a 100,000 watt light bulb.  The higher guidance asked me, “Which bulb is more powerful?” and of course I said the 100,000 watt light bulb is more powerful.  And- they continued –“Why is it more powerful ?”– because of course, it emits more light. And there you have it, the more light emitted the more powerful the object!  MANTLE OF LIGHT is for becoming a more receptive, conductive and emitter of light.  And again, using an analogy  (the divine loves analogies) of 100 workers on strike, vs. 100,000 workers on strike, the more organized we are throughout our energetic totality individually and together, the more powerful we are to co-create the Heaven on Earth we all are envisioning.

I have already had questions on the use of the word “mantle” which Universal Mother Mary was very insistent upon. The word is derived from Old English.  It is meant as a cloak, cape, or veil and is something that “covers,” “conceals,” “disguises, “ or becomes “sealed with a coating.” The word mantle has the additional meaning of “participating in an important role or responsibility that can be passed from one person to another.”  As in “The Mantle of Leadership.”

Here is what Universal Mother Mary shares about MANTLE OF LIGHT. “Greetings, I am Mary and I am with you Dear Ones. I am Universal Mother of Hope. Universal Mother of Peace. Universal Mother of Light.  I bring you the gift of the flower essence that will be known as MANTLE OF LIGHT. It is a very simple and even humble preparation because in its sublime simplicity, it’s brilliant and splendid light will be seen and experienced by each of you and brought to the collective and Gaia. Fear not my children, solutions will appear for all of your dilemmas. The quotient of light available to each of you is ever increasing in strength.  There is not even one place or one single person on my dear Gaia that does not yearn to shine brilliantly.  Assume the essence of light.  Become the essence of love.  Ignite and reawaken the heart of humanity.

      This combination turns up the wattage of your light.  It is not an activation or a physical attunement, no, we are dialing up the power of the individual, such that the collective planet shines in its true and collective capacity.  Become a vessel of light.  Become a beacon of light.  Become a transmitter of light. Ignite others through the domino effect of this essence.

          And yes, the prophetic possibilities of this flower essence combination are phenomenal. Like a lighthouse, expect a longer, broader, and fuller vision to emerge as the fog dissipates, bringing a transparency that will address and implement a practicality of life on your path.”


Golden Prairie Coneflower – Scroll (way down) down to see a picture of her.  Turns up the ability of the Light Body to be more receptive to light in all its forms.  Amps up the conductivity of the Light Body as well as the ability to emit and send light. Adds to the ripple effect of those vessels of light that can effortlessly send this light to others.

Sunflower – holds the blueprint of the golden rule. Super hero essence! This essence, like no other assists us in being a vessel of light and a manifestation of golden divinity in human form.  Another essence, that brings out the domino effect in all of us.

Oxeye Daisy – “I am Mother of Hope.”  The vehicle for Earth’s Ascension. Lifts you back into the rays of infinite white light, reigniting you eternal, golden, passionate essence center. This essence will transport many, as evidenced by the multitude of miniature yellow points at its center.

Nasturtium – Known as a flower that gets us back into our physical body. Brings a better balance of life force energy down into our body.  Good for when you are feeling kind of “out there.”

Purple Coneflower –  The coneflower’s signature is that of a spiral moving upwards at its center.  This flower says that she holds the blueprint for organizing our light energies, such that we can hold more and more light.

Bottle Gentian – For messages, usually prophetic in nature.

Prairie Dogbain – unknown

Pyrite – This gem essence was made with a golden pyrite disk.  Pyrite resonates with the fire energy and brings internal warmth and the lasting presence of an eternal sun.  This is a stone of action, vitality and will.  It holds the spirit of boldness and assertive action and offers protection for ourselves and the planet.


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