“I am always a magician and bring magic into every moment.”

“I am St. Francis. I am always watching over you and each and every one of you are precious to me
as you understand the role of Gaia in providing you with the flower medicines for your ever evolving
expansion into light body. And know dearest ones; that you are dear to those that are here with me and
that share the wisdom and magic of these realms which are also your realms so therefore, if they are
yours, then it follows that the wisdom and magic is yours as well. However, from these realms we see
that your concept of magic moves you out, away from magic, rather than making it an aspect of
yourself that you thoroughly own. For if you did completely own your magic; you would find that these
realms that we inhabit would not seem distant to you at all. You would be right here with us!!! (At this
point one could sense shining eyes, inviting smiles and even a little giggling.) This essence offers you the
support to comprehend that magic is all around you and many of you, yes, even as we speak, showing
signs of accepting this and now recognize that magic is also inside of you.
A rainbow is magic to you is it not? A rainbow is light and mists of water droplets and at certain
moments light and water manifest the magic of a rainbow. And each of you dear ONES, are you not
made of water and light? Then could it be that at times you are a manifestation of 10 million rainbows?
Yes rainbows are outside of you and also, without a doubt, they are inside of you as well.
Let us rephrase this explanation another way – become the magician, you are God / Goddess and
within every God / Goddess is a magician. Now call forth magician aspect today! Playfully assume the
role. The qualities of magic are those things that are outside the box of your understanding. Don’t let
an understanding of magic be restricted to the inside of a box! Embrace all magic and you become all
magic. My dear ONES, today we say to you, own magic, be the magician and claim no boundaries – you
are magician, boundless, unlimited in ability to bring the qualities of magic, the unexpected, the
surprise, the delight, the miraculous and the comical into every moment of your beingness.”
MAGICIAN contains the anchor flowers of Purple Lilac, Nodding Trillium, Columbine, Butter Cup, Jack
in the Pulpit and White Violet and we watched as other etheric flowers, still not known to us were


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