Helps us to understand that our sexuality and the full expression of the 1st and 2nd Chakras are spiritual gateways towards the evolution of higher states of consciousness, clears negative imprints and programming around sexuality. Amplifies 1st and 2nd energies if you do not have a sexual partner, so that you can continue with your evolution. Chakras are “playgrounds” and magnetize in the experiences we need to heal and evolve, especially on the soul level. Once a chakra in strengthened, another will come into play. Basically we can think of our journey on earth as one of gradually raising our resonation and the chakras are the big players for this.

Purple Siberian Iris –ecstatic states
Claret Cup – understanding our 1st and 2nd chakras as gateways
Blackberry – wilderness of the soul, rhythms
Clitoria – moving into ecstatic states through sexuality
Papaya – sense of touch and sexuality
Orange Amaryllis – reproductive organs
Hardhack – for unconditionally loving ourselves without judgement
Pomegranate – joyfully embracing all cycles in our lives related to sexuality
Ixora – boundaries in relationships – feeling complete and whole in our sexuality
The Mary Rose – awakening the etheric heart chalice at the anahatra chakra
Gem essence of Pink Quartz – unconditional love


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