Lotus In Full Bloom



LOTUS IN FULL BLOOM – The synergy of White Lotus and Pink Lotus Flower’s fragrance and essence is found in our new fragrance essence that we have been asked to call LOTUS IN FULL BLOOM. This fragrance essence also contains the synergetic fragrances/essences of Himalayan Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Rose Absolute, Jasmine, and Amber. Yes, I wish I could convey the sublime fragrance! This alchemy of flower fragrances is for the expansion of the crown chakra and consciousness. The true expression of higher states of consciousness has to do with the degree of awareness you have of the environment around you. Other flower essences in LOTUS IN FULL BLOOM are California Poppy, Milkweed, Dwf. Ginseng, Osteospermum and other essences that were added on the ethers. Expanded states of awareness mean we are aware of all the other dimensions of existence, ultimately even in other galaxies and universes. including the universe within ourselves.


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