Lion’s Gate



“Following a deep inner calling, brave pioneers of consciousness appear as bridges of light, revealing new portals to new worlds and new dimensions. These individuals may be the living bridges that remind us of our possibilities…Someone must live the new truth first. Someone must have the wisdom to recognize the possibility, the courage to become that possibility and the strength to live that possibility as reality…That someone becomes the living bridge. By anchoring the possibility,…[it] becomes available for the next one with a similar desire…then for the next and the next and so on.” (Greg Braden)

“You have waited, I know at this gate, and as you knew, this gate would open when the stars of human destiny were right. Like you, I stand here in awe of all that has come before and all that will come. THE LION’S GATE, those words, are embedded in your DNA, and you know intuitively that this is an epic event for the transformation of humanity and the planet and will bring supremely improved ways of being, thinking and doing.

I have worked alongside all of you and I now ask our guardian lions for the keys to this portal. Do not enter this portal in excitement, for wild enthusiasm carelessly spills the vitality that will bring about the flowering of the next decade of exploration. It is those that will contain their joy and bliss within their vessels that will most effectively utilize the discoveries of this Nova Earth.

So from that contained sanctuary, come to the gate my dear ONES, and step into a new world. You have done the work of caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly, and now you will see the limitless potential of your butterfly wings. I give you the gift of the flowers that will fully support you ability to translate and integrate the light codes and other activations inherent to your new experience.”

My take on THE LION’S GATE is that I really don’t know much yet. The flowers that were shown for this formula have not spoken yet, and this is because they can’t explain themselves until we have experienced this new world. I know that when I took this essence, it was really strong and I almost immediately went into a sleep like (read comaJ ) state for 2 hours, something I haven’t done for years. We know that the 12 higher dimensions of our being are merging with the 12 lower dimensions of our being and bringing about this new way of being. We will have much less experience of “two steps forward, one step back.” I am shown that we have crossed the bridge. We are capable now of not continuing to walk between the worlds, but to cross the bridge and be only in the new world if we choose. The flowers stepping forward for this essence are: Baneberry, Centuria (dream messenger, comprehension of other universes), Pink Magnolia (mirrors), Mehera, Pitcher Plant (inner teachers) Scotch Broom, White Trillium, White Mullien, Jacaranda (dream training Shooting). Star, Star Clover, Pipsisewa, Pine, Colombia Lily, and Golden Age Orchid.


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