Lighten Up



Lighten Up -This essence is in the Fleuressences Collection which means that it addresses actual physical circumstances in our lives as well as emotional and mental aspects of our energetic totality. It is for people who have difficulties letting go of material accumulations on all levels, On the physical level, we see that people are being shown to take this combination for digestive issues. As you read the information below, you will see how “keeping stuff” may be no longer serving your healing and evolution.

Honeysuckle – free ourselves of nostalgia, regrets of the past, ties that no longer serve our new frequencies – the energy we use up for these chapters from our past are reconfigured so that they give us momentum and spiritual fuel for our current situation.

Sweet Cicely – clears an overabundance of sentimentality.

Camilla – just because it has been done in a certain way for generations, doesn’t meant that it must continue to be done in the same way. Helps us to see things from a less habitual perspective.

False Solumn’s Seal – clears of false notions related to what we think gives us security. Real security is defined by the strength of our connection to the divine voice and inspiration.

F.J. Grotendorst Rose – allows us to experience the childlike feeling of joy and sweetness but at the same helps us to understand that we sometimes hold on to “things” that remind us of that childhood experience, erroneously coming to the conclusion that material items will bring us that joy. Joy ultimately comes from within.

Jasmine – clears wishful thinking, brings us to the here and now and helps us to understand when a situation is no longer serving us.

Yarrow – good for indecision, helps us to take a firm stand, follow the voice of the God of our understanding.

Maltese Cross – softens the feelings around separation and feeling as if we are being “torn apart” on some level.

Plains Yellow Primrose – her affirmation is “Lighten up and flow on the river of ONE.” This flower essence is known for its ability to help us lighten our load.

Tree Germander – for understanding that superficial aspects of our life will change, but that our soul is constant and eternal. Helps us to see how our abandonment issues surface when we try to let go of our material, emotional or mental “stuff.”


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