Light Of God



“I am the essence of the heart of ONE.”

“Blessed ONES of love and light, I am Mary and today in the garden, where we delight so in
meeting with you, we present you with the gift of LIGHT OF GOD. This essence dearest ONES,
brings the connection that you have so hoped for, have dreamt of and have longed for. And
that is, a sound and true connection to the heart of your Creator. Yes beloved children, these
flowers have been known to take you directly to the heart of ONE.
All of the gifts that we give you, my beloveds, are guideposts or compass points that bridge
your frequencies such that you are ultimately able to merge your energies with the heart of
ONE. So you see, the healing energies through your hands, the gifts like the blue and pink
diamonds, and all of the others have been the “bridges” that have brought your frequencies
closer to the divine octaves you seek.
So you have been striving dearest and most blessed ONES to hear, to sense, to feel, to be ONE
with the supreme VOICE over all the smaller voices. And you have had some successes, yes we
have noticed. And yet, also there are those moments when other distractions have prevented
the merging of your heart with the heart of ONE and LIGHT OF GOD will prevent the distractions
my blessed ONES.
We have come a long ways together, you and I, hand in hand, have we not? My role for you
has been to guide you along your path, the path of the divine heart. The glory of this moment
now is that I let your hand go and nod you towards the direction of glorious reconnection with
that eternal ONENESS. No, worry not, this is not a permanent disconnection with me my
beloveds, no it is temporary. But in any moment, your abilities, your essence should be able to
instantly connect with Creator essence and this is the gift of LIGHT OF GOD.
We have learned that this essence is having every cell, neuron and atom of the energetic
totality informed by the divine in every moment. You become an intimate companion of the
universe. You are presence dreaming up the universe into materialization out of the infinite
field of un-manifest potential.
(Contains the anchor flowers of Osteospermum, Cosmos, Lily of the Valley, Sunflower,
Strawberry, White Lilac, White Trillium, White Mullien, White Columbine, Honey Bees in the
White Hawthorn, Bunchberry, and other flowers we still do not know the identity of and the
gem essence Selenite).


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