Light of Clarity



“I AM the pure light of clarity.”

“Yes, my dearest ONES, I am Mary. Today I humbly gather with you and a multitude of others from
my realms intent upon a mission that concerns us all and for which there can beneficially be offered the
gift of an essence of the pure LIGHT OF CLARITY.
Yes upon your planet we see that you do not see, we hear that you do not hear and we feel that you
do not feel and this is true of your other senses as well. And we speak dear ONES, not only of your outer
sensory abilities, but of your inner senses as well. The inner senses are activated with this essence.
Almost without exception, each of you walks the Earth in at least a bit of fog, confusion, webbing,
distortion or in a sticky layer of misinformation of some sort. We are most delighted to see that many of
you have become aware of your sensory limitations and wish ardently to see through the distortions into
the light of ONE, and we wish to amplify our assistance by offering to you this vibrational flower essence
The brilliant LIGHT OF CLARITY will dissolve the fog, like the morning sun dissolves the shrouds of mist
on a river. LIGHT OF CLARITY will further your explorations of clairvoyance and clairaudience. It will
improve the ability to see things that are normally out of natural range of the human senses. LIGHT OF
CLARITY will improve your ability to participate in accurate intuitive insight and perception.
Please now see with us that the flower devas of the LIGHT OF CLARITY are jumping with joy, they are
barely containing their enthusiasm, for now, with the gift of this essence, you will see them clearly, hear
their squeals of delight and feel the bliss of their generosity. Let this truest essence of clarity be fully
revealed by the Light of ONE.”
We have found over the years that LIGHT OF CLARITY shows up for those in the Ascension process
that are challenged by decision making or problem solving. This essence dissolves the veil that keeps us
from seeing clearly. It enables us to know clearly through all of our sensory apparatus, both inner and
outer the divine guidance around the next step for us to take. Not only does this essence hold us in the
energetic imprint for maintaining clarity but it also keeps us from fogging back up again.
We have learned that this essence clears away the old weeds of a shrouded mind. A clearer mind
brings a clearer sense of new possibilities. Jean Houston famously says, “as viewed, so it appears.”
(Anchor flowers are Catmint, Euphorbia, Bells of Ireland, Woad, St. David’s Rose, Eyebright,
Goldenrod, Jasmine, Morning Glory, and Toothwort.)


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