Light Holder



Light Holder Combination Formula blends a powerful group of essences to assist you in becomong a vessel of light. Humanity is in the process of transforming into L-superhuman Gods and Godesses capable of things we had thought were impossible. This combination purifies and restores us and then pours powerful electronic energy through every cell in our body.

Light Holder Combination Formula contains the following essences:

Purify – essence contains all white flowers to purify us on all levels, really steps up our ability to raise our vibrational frequency.

Restore – as we “Purify” (see above), this essence strengthens us physically and helps maintain our equilibrium.

Inspire – as we “Purify” (see above), this essence keeps us mentally uplifted.

Arrowhead – strengthens our ability to master our emotions, so we radiate the purity of God emotion.

Spider Lily – for improvement of telepathic skills.

Black Ebony – maximizes our ability to assimilate the healing benefits of God’s light in all its forms.

Titan – promotes transformation into superhuman light bodies.

Bignonia – powerful electronic energy flows through and renews every cell in the body, we become unapologetically and joyfully flamboyant and exuberant!

Scullcap – connects us to an expanded network of global electrical energy, serving Earth and enhancing our own electrical system.

Coral Aloe – keeps us cool and calm as we unleash kundalini energy and light through our chakras.

Cliva – helps us use kundalini energy in creative endeavors with concrete results.

Boneset – as we hold more light, our bones become more crystalline in structure, so that they become light transmitters.

White Spruce – downloads high level frequencies from the chakras outside the body into the chakras in our physical body.

White Mullein – raises the vibrational purity of the subtle bodies to higher frequencies for Ascension.


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