Light Bath



“ I am the light of a new dawn. I am the alchemy of gold and white light bathing your Light

Body essence interdimensionally.”

“I AM Mary and my sweetest, dearest children gather round, for I have for you this day a message. I
bring to you this day, my children, a vibrational light essence. This essence comes saturated in the
alchemy of luminous white and opulent gold light. Close your eyes and can you perceive with all of your
senses on an inner level how this combination nourishes your energetic beingness and just how precious
it is for your evolution towards Light Body? This is a key essence for your Ascension dear ONES so be sure
to bathe in this light essence everyday for it is nourishment that your physical body needs at this time.
This gift from my realms can help you to ultimately be supported to access this gift interdimensionally.
This essence attunes ONE to the ability to easily receive this alchemy of Light on etheric levels that will
nourish not only your physical bodies, but your energetic bodies as well. Know too, my sweet Lights, that
it has been eons since you have been able to access light like this. Dance and play, stretch and breathe,
sing and soak – take your luxurious LIGHT BATH seriously! (And yes, use it in the bath tub profusely!)
We want you all in ecstasy my darlings.”
LIGHT BATH holds the following benefits:
1. Brings nourishment that is not available on our physical plane into our energy bodies and
therefore on into our physical body.
2. Brings a greater awareness of the possibilities inherent in the advantages of bringing in City of
Light overlays.
3. The energies of LIGHT BATH automatically raise our desires to anchor in Cities of Light.

This essence was offered by The Blessed Virgin Mary as the City of Light was being anchored over the
southeastern part of the United States. It seemed to help us magnetize the Light City in, because the
alchemy of the gold and white Light was so magical that one couldn’t help but want to be in that
alchemy all the time. And it is our deepest desire and intention that will anchor in these exquisite
overlays all over our blessed Earth, raising Earth frequencies in a dramatic way.


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