Lift The Veil



“I am free of all illusions.”

“My dear ONE, we begin. Today ,before we get to other things, let me say something about your concept of immortality. Know that in all ways my comprehension of this subject is quite extensive (smile). Your word ‘immortality’ in some ways is misleading for it’s understanding is based on a linear concept. Immortality suggests that over time – one continues to be. We ask that the words ‘over time’ be eliminated and then suggest to you that you become ‘to be’.

As God or Goddess, thou art not a march of life times. You are God or Goddess manifesting into his or her full glory NOW. Look at me dear ONE, do I age? In your time frame concepts, I would be wrinkled and white haired and at least 2000 years old (smile)! No I am my full glory NOW. My hair stays black, my skin stays smooth, I am flexible and limber – I AM. Do you see that because I AM and recognize that I AM my full glory in this ‘to be’ moment that I have transcended the need to manifest more lifetimes?

But many dear ONES are victoriously throwing off the veils!!!! For you see that yes, because humanity chose to freely explore all of the manifestations of free will, that a structure of time served them so that your souls could experience all that was necessary (and we mean all!!!!) in order to fully comprehend the meaning of what it means to be in free will.

The time has come – glory to the highest, that some of you step into your roles as the God or Goddess that you are, not that you are becoming – that is another linear word, no you are fully manifested God/Goddess emerging, blossoming into the full glory NOW ofwho you are.

And why you and so many close loved ones of your soul circle? Simply,or so very simply dear ONE –you have chosen Divine Will! And you say ‘It took this long?’ And I say – ‘I am afraid so!’ The learning curve was challenging on this to say the least (smile).

Yes, let us address this in a practical way now. Those that read this have chosen Divine Will. They are beginning to see the need to “lift the veil.” I give you my essence Lift the Veil so that you see clearly the full glory of who your are NOW. I am Mary and I am Mary NOW.”

The Mary Essences are bottled in purified water instilled with rose water whose roses have been organically grown in Bulgaria. Additionally the essences have been infused with mantra and prayer to stabilize and maintain their frequencies.


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