Kauaian Paradise




This exceedingly potent flower essence combination is said to be a wisdom imprint for our energetic totality that prepares us to bring in a paradise on Earth that comes with moving into the Golden Age most say around 2034. You see, we need to begin to know what we don’t know. So many clients tell me, if only I had known that I could feel this good, I would have acted years ago. It’s what we don’t know or can’t even begin to imagine that we now need for our ever expanding awareness and perceptions that are bringing us closer and closer to the Heaven on Earth we all envision. Of course each flower has its own gift to offer to

Blue Flowering Jade – creating and manifestation out of thin air, specifically, this flower says it’s service is for writing poetry.
Dendrobium Orchid – Pure White – pure connections that bring you to others at your resonance, as we reach out to others and work together to co-create a Golden Age, we want to network with others that are like minded and want to insure the same conscious visions. We can spend a lot of futile time interacting with those that are ultimately, not going to resonate at this level and we don’t want to waste our time with this. This orchid started out needing to be artificially attached to its host, but now the plant mysteriously does this on its own!!
Banana Magnolia– has the effect of helping us to see that our differences can be minimized. For example in religion, assists us to see that what we all have goals for is peace and fulfillment in all areas of life, and that just because we pray in different ways, doesn’t mean that there has to be divergence or one-sidedness, just because our approaches are different. Helps us focus on the goals, not the rituals.
Macadamia – strength to persevere or perpetrate, go through with ones visions, intentions, goals and co-creative projects.
Tulip Tree – brings potency and passion to the alchemy of this formula (KAUAIAN PARADISE) and to alchemy our projects.
Brugmansia – White Angel’s Trumpet – The incredible flower is from the genus Brugmansia and is often called Angel’s Trumpet. It exudes a seductively sweet scent only at night. Interestingly, it is clear that this is a sacred flower, as it is depicted on many South American artifacts and treasured by Peruvian shamans. I have heard tales of fairies that served humans the water essences of Angel’s Trumpet in this flute (inverted flower):)
This sacred flower, known to be one of the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogens, is so complex that shamans only share this flower with other shamans. And they strongly warn against untrained individuals working with the flower especially with actual physical parts of the plant. However, when working with the plant as a flower essence, where no physical parts of the flowers are used and at a dose of 1 quart of water and 5 drops of essence it is not in the least toxic, and like a homeopathic remedy, very effective.
I have learned through my divine guidance, that one of the uses for the essence of this plant is for soul retrieval and we do not have anything for this yet, so we are now presenting a new essence called SOUL RETRIEVAL as part of our Galactic Grace Collection. We are also guided to put this flower essence into two other combinations; our SHAMANIC GATEWAY essence and our CREATIVE JOURNEY JOURNAL essence.
Sweet Olive – Sweetness and liveliness to our connections and networks.
Red Anthurium – Right and powerful expression of sexual energies.
Lady of the Night – another flower favored by Shamans, the service of this flower is This flower holds services around greater comprehension of our multidimensionality in ways not expressed with our language at present.
Hawaiian Water Lily – highly calming)
Bird of Paradise – gives us visions of paradise so that we can hold them for the Nova Earth we are collectively bringing into manifestation.
Noni Flower – all kinds of healing benefits
Dendrobium Orchid – flower clusters – organic, divine order, in the flow, expansion,
Milky Way Flowering Tree (flowers constantly – 24/7-365 days per year). Star travel. Preparations for our Light Body for time travel.
Paklan Tree – (extremely sacred in the Philippines)
Hawaiian Bleeding Hearts
Hawaiian Wild Rose
Ylang Ylang
Yellow Candles (can’t wait to figure this one out!!!)
Brazilian Tree Rose
Scarlet Skull Cap
Dendrobium Orchid – pale lavender flowers – only fragrant at night


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