It’s Not About You



“We have asked for years for an essence combination that would help us to transcend ego illusions. As is always the case, this essence came about in an unexpected and really quite humorous way! In May of 2009, Universal Mother Mary had guided me to put together a catalog that was to be a guide that described everything that SPIRITWATER GARDENS had to offer. (What you are holding in your hands right now!) This was so exciting, because my websites were streams of consciousness and full of information but not very concise. My thought was that a catalog would help to streamline all of the information and make it more comprehensible, especially to newer clients. The catalog was completed near the end of May (the month of Mary) and Mary had guided me through every step. I came home with the first box of catalogs from the printer and sat down at the dining room table with one to read through. I will be the first to admit that I was very proud of this catalog and all the offerings it contained. As I swelled with pride, I suddenly and unexpectedly heard Mary’s voice say: “You know – this isn’t about you!!!!” I quickly came out of my revere and smiled and completely surrendered the catalog to the divine realms that had created it. And Mary had been so gentle about correcting my ego state in such a kind way. She then told me to go to the essence room and make up IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! to help us all with transcending our ego illusions! (We know for sure that this combination contains White Water Lily, Dandelion, Yellow Bellwort, Red Clover, Eyebright, Chicory and other flowers that we have not identified but saw devas adding).


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