“I am the essence of knowing.”

“I am Mary. My dear ONES, today we bring you the gift of the flowers that enhance INTUITION. It is
said among the seers and masters that keep me company that a significant number of earth dwellers
have need of clear and competent abilities in their intuitive pursuits. We long to tell you that the act of
letting go and letting go again would serve your intuitive nature far more than any efforts made towards
the goal of greater intuitive abilities. Your expectations as to “how to intuit” and preexisting notions are
getting in the way or blocking the wiring to powerful intuitive “hits.”

INTUITION can be defined as “to know without a doubt.” To expand upon this definition, it is
worthwhile to understand that the avenue to this knowing is at least partially supported by what we
would call “remote sensing.” Use of the sense organs, especially, when combining them is a major
aspect of INTUITION. An example that corresponds to this process can be experienced while cooking a
meal. The combinations of smells, tastes, textures and “a sixth sense” lead to the intuitive “ah ha” that
is the outstanding characteristic, the “intuitive hit” that makes us know without a doubt that the food
will be delicious if we act upon the “hits.”

The flowers in INTUITON contribute a great number of services that will clear blockages and rewire
your circuitry. You will notice that some of them are violet or purple in hue and contribute energetic
wisdom to the third and fourth eye arena. These flowers will add to your sensory capacity – balancing
senses and raising you “sensory antennas” as they are related to hearing, seeing, feeling, touching and
tasting. There are flowers here that will help you to let go and let go some more. We have also included
flowers for fatigue, as we see that many of you are blocked just because much is compromised when the
field is lacking vitality.

All of us here today celebrate your ever evolving abilities to “know without a doubt!!!!” We go in

Anchor flowers for INTUITION included – Turtlehead, Spring Beauty, Lavender, Cosmos, Golden Prairie
Coneflower, Papaya, Queen Anne’s Lace, Purple Violet, Mirabilis, Blanc Double de Coubert Rose,
Wintergreen, Comte de Chambord Rose and other flowers we as yet, are unable to “see.”


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