Interweaving – Interlocking Vortices



Interweaving – Interlocking Vortices – Another name for this formula could have been something like “Soul Retrieval.” One of the many things that this formula does is to bring a better connection to our birthdate and time that was originally planned for us. It retrieves information about our soul mission or goals to activate interlocking mechanisms of the soul design. Opens us to a deeper level of clearing and knowing. It introduces us to a deeper sense of grounding. It evolves the endrocrine system. It awakens activation of new cells, glands and organs that will be needed for further evolution. When activation is complete a sense of stillness will reside within ones mental and emotional field.

This formula contains the following etheric flowers:

Grapeseed – Grapeseed releases implants, clears embedded debris from one’s etheric and mental fields. It is meant to align one with their higher self in a direct way. It alleviates the upset caused by parental – child tension within the roles of relationship. It directs life force to the heart in a clearing, swirling motion for star children. It opens up the vortex in the back of the sacral chakra and then opens up the feet for a deeper grounding, our feet need to be much more grounded as we move along on our evolutionary path. We are asked to see our feet as energetically connected at the knuckles of the big toes with an etheric bungee cord. This activates a platform 6-12 feet in diameter, depending on one’s height that is filled with energetic vortices and chakras that assist us in travel and grounding. We are to see ourselves as being able to plug in ( like an electric plug into a socket, our two feet, like the two prongs of the plug) anytime we need grounding and especially as we are conducting healing work. We are told that we haven’t really realized the full intelligence of our feet. Our feet are just as special and as royal as our crown chakra. A spiral also opens from the crown – it is green in nature and climbs the spiral ladder to the 9th, 10th and 11th chakra, and sends dual information from the divine and the earth directly from the source, as in the original template.
Twilight Star – helps one to connect astrologically to the birth date and time that one was originally meant to be born on the planet. It retrieves information about the soul mission or goals to then activate the interlocking mechanisms of the soul design, it opens us up to a deeper level of clearing and knowing. When the activation is complete, a sense of stillness will reside with in one’s mental and emotional field. The color of this energy is blue- green. It gives clarity to the mission, resolves confusion and conflict within one’s self.
Panniroyal – awakens circulatory system and clears lymphatic glands in order to locate and open new glands, new cells and new organs needed for further evolution – it allows the connection of the pituitary and pineal to work as one; this correlates with longevity and correlates with the coordination of the journey on earth with galactic evolutionary processes. It rejuvenates brain’s chemicals and brings them into balance and harmony, surpassing any meditation practice or visualization technique. Brings a deep calm and deep peace, supports walking through any crisis or upheaval occurring on the planet at this time.
Trillegunia – It assists and inspires one to complete the connections between mind, body and spirit including our emotions. Brings about a greater sense of ONENESS than we have been unable to bring about up to this point, because it adds GALACTIC ONENESS. It brings strength to the legs, shows us how to walk, how deeply to walk, how broadly to walk, how to walk through the gate. Integrates one to be a sensory being – that’s what we are moving toward. The sensory individual will sense and feel the body and the light. His journey through life will be such that she will deeply knows and sense each connection to a plant, a flower, a person, a group, etc. His/Her movement through life will be a sensory flow. Touching the earth, our energy will move into the earth and heal her and energy will move back up into us from the earth and heal each of us and we will be ONE with the earth. Thus we will supported by the earth. We will be in communication with all and we will all be ONE.
Spirilgina – replicates and records DNA, RNA, and LNA movement through the links / chaining of our cellular structure from the mother source to her young ones, to her youth. It broadens dimensional communication and travel, supporting light capsules that will be received and we will deliver these light capsules to the earth. It supports further enlightenment, past the stages that are the beginning of enlightenment by bringing about further growth and activation; binominal configurations which are codes from creator alone.


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