Columbine – “I am the Source of the infinite Heart of ONE.” Wonder, celebration, delight, innocence, deep heart connection. The “party hat” plant signature indicates it’s service as a party essence.
Eyebright – Connection to the shining soul. Clarity to us related to our revealing our soul and its journey.
Eryngium – unknown
White Forget-me-not – the connection between the non-physical realms of love and light frequencies on the nature level and our soul’s journey.
Pink Heather – we are so delighted that Pink Heather stepped in to this combination. We know that Heathers have to do with the wildness of our soul and its journey.
Jewel Weed – unknown
Lily of the Valley – refinement for the senses.
Pink Magnolia – unknown
Red Raseberry – again unknown, but we do know that this one gain is for understanding the exquisite nature of the soul and its relationship to our natural world.
Salmon Berry – going against the typical way of being, clearing old patterns.
Wintergreen – clears all false pretense
Sweet William – “I am God’s will in action.”
Blue Phlox – unknown, came from a beautiful blue specimen in the Florida Keys
Wild Sage – inner compass and knowing


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