“ I am the essence of a small child at play, watched over by my Mother.”

“My children, I suffer with you in these times, as I see that it is so very difficult for you to be childlike
on our dear Gaia. From every direction arrows that harden your totalities pierce into your auras.
Heaven on Earth will not manifest within this kind of paradigm and I gift you with this essence I shall
name INNOCENCE so that you can begin to live the character trait of INNOCENCE in a world that gives
you very little chance to do so. As you live it, so the world will become it. Be in a place of childlike
wonder my dearest children.

Know that I am with you and want for you to be able to be innocent like a small child at play. Why
can the child act in innocence? Because the child still does not suffer the samskara or conditioning that
hardens you my dearest ONES. And also, very importantly, the child knows that he or she is watched
over by a mother that passionately loves this child and would never let anything harm the child. So the
child is always confident with the presence of the mother. And so my children, I am your Mother and I
carefully watch over you so that you can revel and delight this simplicity of an innocent life.”

This essence contains the following flowers:

Columbine – “I am the Source of the infinite Heart of ONE.” Wonder, celebration, delight, innocence,
deep heart connection. The “party hat” plant signature indicates it’s service as a party essence.
Eyebright – Connection to the shining soul. Clarity to us related to our revealing our soul and its
Eryngium – Still researching at the time of publication.
White Forget-Me- Not – Brings a connection between the non-physical realms of love and light
frequencies on the nature level and our soul’s journey.
Pink Heather – We are so delighted that Pink Heather stepped in to this combination. We know that
Heathers have to do with the wildness of our soul and its journey.
Jewel Weed – Brings quiet patience.
Lily of the Valley – Refinement for the senses.
Pink Magnolia – Still researching at the time of publication.
Red Raseberry – Connected to the wilderness and wildness of the soul and spirit, but we do know that
this one gain is for understanding the exquisite nature of the soul and its relationship to our natural
Salmon Berry – For going against the typical way of being, clearing old patterns.
Wintergreen – Clears all false pretense and brings cleansing and clarity.

Sweet William – “I am God’s will in action.”
Blue Phlox – Unknown, came from a beautiful blue specimen in the Florida Keys.
Wild Sage – Serves as an inner compass and knowing so that we can live a life entirely condensed into
being ourselves.


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