Inner/Outer Beauty



This essence is for all of the complicated convolutions that can happen when we do not see ourselves as absolutely divine, both on the inside and the outside. You will find flowers in this formula for divine proportion (hold the wisdom of the golden mean), for aligning with our divine blueprint, for purity, for mastery of emotions, for slowing the aging process, for taking a gentle view of ourselves, for not worrying about what we look like, for polishing the inner personality, for hydration, and even a sun screen.

Therese Bugnet Rose – lets go of concerns about being critical of our appearance
Margaret Merrill Rose – a white rose for serenity, especially coping with stressful lives
Italian Sainfoin – contain and validate experience, contain beauty by “be” holding beauty
Sago Palm – alignment with our divine blueprint
Tree Germander – bring out our hidden gifts, retrieve our unique soul qualities
Coral Aloe – very cooling, especially helpful for “heated” emotional situations
Paul Neyron Rose – knowing the divinity of the human body, both inner and outer
Sunflower – holds the wisdom of the golden mean, sacred geometry, divine proportion
Date Palm – retrieval of DNA wisdom, enlightened blueprint of the human being
Black Ebony – beautiful skin, natural sun screen
Bottle Brush – polishes the inner personality, brings out our natural strengths
Green Flecked Hellabore- perfection for the skin from the inside
Maltese Cross – restores unity after we have felt torn apart, highly beneficial for the skin
Sequesta – hydration for the body
Purple Violet – the violet flame in liquid form
Red Clover – for self reflection
Meadowsweet – gives ability to let go of self critical judgements and have a gentle view of self
Wild Fuschia – keeps us in a magical state of playfulness and joy
Sweet William – alignment with our purpose, “will I am”
White Mullien – still researching
Passion Flower – release deeply into our process/journey, release societal expectations
Red Currant – circulation for the skin
Pink Magnolia – about inner and outer beauty reflecting each other like a mirror
Pearly Everlasting – purifying without taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back, holds us in place
Aloe Cillaris – hydration, cooling
Cucumber – mastery of emotions
Pink Mallow – slows down or clears aging process
Comfrey – unifies the soul and the physical body as one, unifies heart and soul – no more push and pull of soul and body, tension dissolves


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