Inner Calm



Inner Calm: We are most grateful for this combination of flowers! Inner Calm is good for individuals showing symptoms of anxiety and stress. Wonderful if you feel that there is chaos all around you and you want to stay calm and detached. Helps us to recognize run-away thoughts that lead to even more layers of tension. Helps Light Workers hold light amidst darkness. Here are the flowers combined to make Inner Calm:

True Wood Sorrel – remain calm and balanced no matter what is happening around us, hold the light within, holding our own, balanced calm and wisdom.

Chamomile – brings us back to center by reminding us that we are the breath of God, coming to a still point by becoming aware of our breath, slowing the breath down.

Indian Pipe – facilitates our ability to be inner peace and to project world peace desires.

Cucumber – improves our awareness of how to use our emotional energy wisely.

Arrowhead – mastery of emotion, reflect purity of Creator, rather than ups and downs of typical human emotion.

Alex Mackenzie Rose – for fortitude, faith and courage no matter what the difficulties.

Coral Pink Rose – good for those who tend to project negative outcomes to situations around them, helps us to see that all is unfolding divinely.

Red Clover – excellent essence for those whose thought trains get the best of them, for run-away thinking that results in great stress for the physical, mental and emotional body, often this essence helps us to see that the first thought was erroneous.

Mallow – reminds us that we are ageless, that we will always have all the time we need.

Elderberry – a powerful essence for those holding light amidst darkness.

Sweet Pea – for healthy sleep rhythms, rejuvenating and protected sleep.

Pink Tecoma – probably the best essence for an overwhelming sense of security, calm and comfort, always letting us know that we are unconditionally loved by Creator.

Wood Betony – this beautiful blue flower is the best we know of for detachment.


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