Honoring Ourselves and Others



“I AM breathing out honor, I AM breathing in honor, each exhale amplifies the inhale, each inhale amplifies the exhale.” All are in an ocean of honoring ONENESS. ”

Helps us to explore layers of the shadow of how and why we have not been honored in this life or others. We have seen that this essence always gives new understanding and wisdom around honoring. Helps us to understand that there is no way that we will ever know another’s soul journey, therefore we cannot judge it.

This formula was symbolized as pure white in color and were shown a Nation of Totem Animals as we made it. A white dove represented inner peace, a white elephant suggested rarity and agelessness, white owl appeared for wisdom, white albino deer for expression of our own uniqueness, a white porcupine appeared offering greater protection and a white swan appeared, representing beauty that is often unrecognized at first.

This formula helps us to realize that a skeptical attitude is a form of not honoring and often shows up in our lives as an experience of not feeling honored for who we are.

Really amps up our abilities to look at the mirrors we create.

Removes layers of judgment that we hadn’t recognized before.

St. Davids Rose,
Black Locust,
Blue Penstemon,
Musk Thistle


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