Home of Light



“I am home.”

“I am Mary, Mother of all and I ask you children to gather round. It is time, yes the time is now,
to continue our movement towards and understanding of what I know and what you have come to know
as the “HOME OF LIGHT.” This is, dearest ONES, our home of the heart, home to all lightholders and
lightbeings from this planet and from all other universes and galaxies. As you well know, you and I
transfer energy to all on the planet so that the our precious Earth’s frequency will raise. At present, The
Cities of Light exist on the etheric levels all over the world and eventually, they will be with us, in all of
their magnificent splendor, in physicality. Visit your HOME OF LIGHT everyday and explore and allow
yourself to know the inhabitants, yes your brothers and sisters of the universe.
My first inaugural essence for what are to be known as The Mary Essences is HOME OF LIGHT, and it
is deep within each of you and the anchoring of this energy is in keeping with my universal laws.
Remember that it is not only above and below, but also within you and without you. HOME OF LIGHT
sits/stands next to you interdimensionally and within the reality of the 5 th dimension, and each of you will
be merging yourselves with this higher form here on the Earth. It is the Assumption of the Light,
Ascension into the City of Light that we strive to achieve here, my children.
Dolphins are the protectors of the HOME OF LIGHT. Dolphins carry on and perform the function of
guardians of the flame and protectors of the portals and sacred places related to the HOME OF LIGHT.
They remind you that they carry on their duties as one would think to play, they swim and jump for joy
and radiate divine love for all of us as they accomplish their missions.
HOME OF LIGHT is a gift for the creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being. It brings about spiritual
unfoldment and physical anchoring. I ask you to insure that this essence formula include : Blue
Diamond, The Mary Rose, Dolphin Energy, and the cactus of New Mexico that so strongly holds my
Other essences found in HOME OF LIGHT are Canary Island Broom, Blue Penstemon, Pickeral Weed,
Starflower, Kentucky Blue Grass Flower, Spider Lily, Plains Yellow Primrose, Purple Pea, Paklan, Yellow
Candles, Yellow Bellflower, Pink Heather, Honeysuckle , Green Hellabore, Wintergreen, Mehera, Great
Lobelia and the gem essences of Purple Amethyst and Blue Diamond.


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