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Healing Ways Combination Formula- Contains flower essences that assist those in need of all types of healing. Also good for healers as it makes both our own intentions for healing and those of the healer more powerful. Gives us greater insight and instincts for healing to take place. Opens energetic healing channels for healing energy to pour through our bodies and those of our clients. Gives a blueprint for a molecule in perfect health, thereby reminding our body’s greater intelligence of its ability to be in perfect health. This combination keeps us protected, centered, nurtured and healing. Good for anyone with health problems. Dandelion is included in this formula. It is a powerful plant essence for removing “miasms” from our energy field. These are large, negative structures that hold the pattern of a disease in our auric field. This flower essence formula cleanses “baggage” from seven generations of ancestors. Anyone with an illness should have this formula. Standard dose is 20 drops 2 times daily for at least 21 consecutive days.

Healing Ways Combination Formula Combination contains the following essences:

Agrippina Rose – illuminates and brings forward our own precise healing talents, which can heal others and heal ourselves.

Maple – enormously powerful, this essence is for strength, trust, and self-doubt, keeps us deeply centered and strong.

Black Currant – cleanses and purifies us of energetic detritus from seven generations of ancestors.

Coffee – supports the cutting free from physical habits and addictive patterns, relieves us of the pressures of old personality habits, frees us to do our life work.

Cardinal De Richlein Rose – puts us back on tract, redirected a misdirected course of events.

Pennyroyal – for protection from negative energy from people and places, keeps us from accidentally absorbing negative energy in any situation.

Mallow – helps us shift our perceptions about aging, we are timeless beings in a structure of time. Teaches us that how we currently think is what is making us “get old.”

Century Plant – this essence also challenges us to rethink the “aging process,” it is for letting go, being in the present and knowing that all is perfect, right now.

Bloodroot – reconciles us with our roots, puts us in touch with our specific inherited healing talents, we uncover specific family wisdom or genetic expertise.

White Yarrow – for protection for our energy field from electrical devices, unhealthy electromagnetic fields, offers protection on levels we are unaware of.

Bay Grape – research essence

Red Currant – for perfect molecular health on all levels,

Self Heal – helps us to know our healing powers, empowers us to heal ourselves.

Dandelion – one of the strongest, most versatile and valuable essences, removes stored negativity in every way.

Mutabilis Rose – reduces fear and anxiety as we transmute into healers that transform us into Light Gods and Goddesses.

Jamaica Dogwood – supports the optimum configuration and health of our DNA.

Date Palm – holds ancient wisdom especially related to our genetic code and spiritual rejuvenation.

Dombeya Wallichii – gives a sheltering embrace to those who give emotional, spiritual or physical shelter, or who need it.

Rosa Glauca – for being a lighthouse of love-penetrating foggy situations.

Elderberry – research essence for holding light amidst darkness.

Tuscany Rose – research essence, overflows us with ancient truths.

Stanwell Perpetual Rose – research essence, may help us stay in the present moment and change perceptions about “aging.” Boneset – flower essence has a great deal of power – helps the body hold more life force. Makes the bones more crystalline in structure. Has enhancing effects for the bone marrow. Integrates multidimensional experience into physical body.


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