Healing Mother’s Heart



“I am the healing of my Mother’s Heart.”

“I am Mary. I give you an essence for healing the heart of the Mother.”

We know that this essence holds the following flowers:

Strawberry – “I am a sweet heart.”

Bleeding Heart – “I am a love that intoxicates.”

Lady’s Mantle – I am the Goddess of creation.”

Lavender – “I am perfected electrical flow.”

Heliotrope – “I am the practice of prayer bringing the gift of grace.”

Wild Rose – “I am the infinite Mother – Heart of ecstatic creativity.”

Lupine – “I am the disappearance of duality and the merging into ONENES.”

Zinnia – “I am the smile expressed when the sounds of celestial music are heard in my gardens of harmony and love.”

Yellow Poppy – still researching – we know this is a huge essence for enlightened states of consciousness.

Hyssop – still researching – we know it is for clearing guilt but has a higher level service as well.

Cardinal Flower – “I am the passion of Christ.”

Broken Heart – An essence combination containing 24 flower essences that clear negative patterns in the heart chakra area. Complete description at www.fleuressences.com.

(We saw devas and other beings of the light of the highest on non-physical realms adding other vibrations to the essence combination.)


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