Full Spectrum Rainbow Light



“ I am the receptor of a wider spectrum of light frequencies as I anchor my own Light Body

and the new Cities of Light on Nova Earth.”

St. Francis is speaking from the Rainbow Garden: “I am St. Francis and we sit together, this group of
four (includes Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Bernadette and St. Teresa) and we invite you (the reader) to join
us as well. I speak for us all from within this garden of rainbow light. We suggest that on a daily basis,
the following visualization take place during your meditations. We will ask that you let yourselves
absorb a multitude of spectrum frequencies of light. Allow your visualizations to create colored sparkling
mists that penetrate your skin. Know that the effort the evolving light body takes becomes more and
more subtle. More of what you do will seem effortless and magical, indeed all that you need to “do” is
Let us begin. Let the colored sparkling mists of the colors we suggest become a part of every cell in
your body. Let the spectrum frequencies ride on the breath. Let the tiny colored gems of a multiplicity of
spectrums become such that your skin in easily able to breathe them in. Do not under estimate the
power of this practice and the timing of its revelation. The sequencing of the color spectrums is an
important aspect of this visualization.
Start with the violet spectrum my beloveds. See the mists of dozens of frequencies of the color violet
come forward. Note that you see everything from a pale lavender to a deep velvet purple are manifest.
See the violet ray spectrums coming in through your skin and moving on the breath to every cell in your
body. Take a moment to note the areas that seem to be calling in particular, to the violet spectrum.
Now a spectrum of red mists can be brought into your energy field. See a pale pastel red through ruby
red frequency spectrum. Let the red frequencies ride in on the breath, moving into every cell of the body.
Note the areas that seem most in need of the red spectrum color frequencies.
Now the golden yellow spectrum frequencies dear ONES…. Bring into your awareness field the
fullness of everything from pale yellow to golden rays of yellow, to a bright intensity of yellow, yellow.
Yes, see how much the body calls for the yellow ray frequencies in all shades and intensities. Let the
golden airwaves move into every cell of your body. Note the areas that most request this frequency. You
may almost sense and urgency to this nourishment process.
Now the blue, child, take in the blue spectrum of frequencies. See them pouring into your field. See
that you spiral through your cells the blue mists of the spectrum. Pale blue. Sky blue. Cobalt blue. Note
the areas that especially call in the blue spectrum.
Now see the orange frequencies of the spectrum. From a sherbet orange, to a wildly intense shade of
orange. Visualize an etheric cashmere blanket of orange frequency spectrum draped upon your head,
and wrapped about your body. Now slowly, as you breath deeply, let the blanket be absorbed by every
cell in your body. This is especially helpful for the spine’s nourishment at this time. Note the areas that
call out for the orange spectrum most enthusiastically.

Now the green lights of the spectrum can be added. This is a spectrum universally needed at this time
to all those in the transformation process. Breath in mists of pale green, lime green, aqua green, forest
green and one thousand other shades of green frequency. Do this with joy and gratitude. Note the cells
of the body that draw the green frequencies close.
Now we ask that you bring forth in your nourishment visualization for the light body, the following
combination frequencies. First bask in the combinations of violet and red spectrum frequencies. Now
yellow and blue spectrum frequencies together. Now orange and green. Remind yourself to let go and
allow. Colors like olive, might be rejected by the more analytical, but spectrum combinations come with
new nova attunements activations and all are most valuable.
Remind yourself to let your skin breath in all of the rainbow frequencies suggested here, all day,
everyday. We go now – much love and rainbow light.”
(Many flowers, all corresponding to the shades of the rainbow were added to this combination.)

We have been told that this visualization will make the body even less dense and will bring
about many more miraculous changes for the evolving light body.


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