For the Waters



“I am Heavenly waters of purification, message and prophecy descending upon our blessed


“Glory to you and sweetness too. I am Mary and I bring you waters from Heavenly realms.
These are the rains from Heaven that I speak of dear ONES, that bring to you messages from our
realms. Through the waters, glory in the sweetness of Heavenly messages that through the
laws of alchemy, transform from ethers holding the Language of Light. Effective communication
channels open to those evolving Light Bodies as your purification continues through the waters.
Each rain drop that descends on your Cities of Light holds my image or another of love and
light frequencies from these non-physical realms on high. Look next time it rains upon you!
Have you noticed how the rains purify? The Earth is washed, scrubbed and polished with the
essence of our supreme Light and Love, God essence in a raindrop.
Especially, my children, take this essence FOR THE WATERS and with consciousness
awareness and intention, receive Heavenly rains as your Cities of Light fully activate this flow of
God from your point in the universe. We will notice your loving act and your prayers will be
answered. A few drops into ponds or lakes, streams or rivers, oceans and your own waters will
quickly activate God essence waters throughout Earth and even beyond to other universes and
also within your own inner universe. Like the sacred thousand petals of the Lotus flower
absorbing the waters, you too, receiving, like a sponge, color spectrums of hallowed light,
hydrating every cell within with messages from God.”
(Anchor Flowers include Pear Cactus, Segesta, Sea Purslane, Hawaiian Water Lily and other
flowers we are still as yet, unable to identify).


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