For the Birds



“ I am the discovery of a relationship of latent but vast potential between the avian realms
and my own beingness full of unspeakably glorious perfection, beauty and joy.”
I am Mary and we (for there are many present) offer you and our feathered friends (both
captive and in the wild) an essence that brings an even greater joy to our interaction with the
birds. Birds communicate to us by their song, bringing music to our experience of life on earth.
Imagine the soul’s experience without birdsong! We beg you Dear Ones, to spend more time in
sacred observation of the sweet feathered light beings, for their gifts are many and relate
directly to the quality and longevity of your life on this planet. Mingle with the birds, let their
feathers vibrate in the air near you, for their spectrum frequency song, both heard and unheard,
will draw you into a wider experience and awareness and will uplift you like no other. Let us
look at what this essence will do for you and “FOR THE BIRDS.”
For You:

1. Brings in an improved understanding of the role that the birds play on Earth
and in the Ascension process.
2. Quickens the likelihood of interfacing with the birds, facilitating improved
communications, mutual appreciation and greater co-creative potential with
aerial realms.
3. Brings a healing bond between humanity and the bird
Populations and erases the karma that has separated us.


1. The birds will gradually become more comfortable in the
presence of humans.
2. This essence combination offers necessary healing vibrations for our precious
feathered friends. They will love it.

Go now and sing and dance with the birds, witness their gifts and co-create Heaven on Earth
(Anchor flowers are Bird of Paradise, Sunflower, Daisy, Cosmos, Therese Bugnet Rose, Loon
Feather Essence, Moth Orchid and other flowers we, as yet, are unable to see or are still not
aware of.)


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