For the Animals



“ I am a protector and guardian for the animal kingdom.”

“I am Mary and I welcome you to my rainbow garden and reveal to you as follows: My children, be in
courage. Be in benevolence. Be in compassion. Be in determination. Be in secrecy. Be in persistence.
Be in patience. Be in alertness. These attributes and many, many others are demonstrated in the
kingdom of the animals of the Earth. I say kingdom, for these animals that are of Earth represent the
kings and queen in kingdoms and queendoms and Earth’s animals constitute the true nobility, the
supreme qualities of the essence of royalty.
I rarely reprimand my children, but I do so this day- The royal pairs of animals that inhabit the Earth
hold the vibrations or energetic qualities of integrity of character that uphold the planet in all its
goodness and glory and you as a people of Earth should know what a dis…grace, what an ugly
dissonance has been allowed in the attitude that has prevailed towards the animals.
Humanity’s treatment as a whole of the kingdom of the animals strikes one of the most discordant
keys in the Earth plane symphony. While I know that each of you is not responsible individually, I need all
of my children to embrace benevolence, compassion, courage, determination and all of the other
qualities of character demonstrated by the nation of animals and join together to once again lift up the
Earth as a model to behold in its attitude and care of the animals of Earth. I need you to do this NOW.
I turn away and go into the deepest state of silence and I pray for an eternity if necessary and what I
pray for my children is that each and everyone of you will decide to assume one or many of the traits
seen and displayed by these unique creatures found nowhere in any other universe but Earth and that
you completely become this characteristic such that this trait rises up in you and begins to play the chord
of the animal you represent. As each and everyone of you choose a totem ( and choose to take action to
assist in its preservation), we will begin the repairs necessary if we are to bring about the Heaven on
Earth we are deeply intent upon.
Cherish the treasures of the animal kingdom and as I pray, so must you pray for their very existence
and eventual repopulation, such that the Earth will once again broadcast to universes and galaxies a
symphony of Heavenly chords of animal choirs that will reverberate harmony, peace and joy through all
infinite space.”
Anchor flowers for this combination are Milky Way Flowering Tree (Stemadenia) (flowers every single
day of the year), Bloodroot, Tulip Tree, Scarlett Skullcap, Fringed Loosestrife, Desert Gold, Mango Star of
Bethlehem, Shooting Star and the gem essence of Herkimer Diamond.


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