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The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness, & Awakening

Flowerspeak will bring to you a world of new knowledge about co-creation and the processes used to fully connect and create with the non-physical natural realms. This knowledge has been “downloaded” from cosmic frequencies.  Flowerspeak– Co-creating With Non-physical Realms Using the Preparation of Flower Essences as a Model is a unique read in so many ways:

  • It is the only book we are aware of that brings the reader through a step-by-step process that shows how to co-create with the non-physical.
  • Not only gives you the complete, in depth instructions for making your own flower essences, but also addresses how to choose the right essences for your specific needs and desires.
  • Brings greater understanding as to how the flowers are serving humanity to heal and evolve into expanded states of awareness. Need help with a complicated problem that seems to have no solution? Take a look at White Violet’s service. Trying to heal a broken heart? You will need the essence of Bleeding Heart whose beautiful photo and “speak” are on page 152. Flowerspeak demonstrates the way that a flower will speak to us through its own language, including symbols, signatures, and other subtle promptings.
  • Each chapter holds an exercise or “inquiry” that will help you to grow closer to nature, and to the invisible natural realms that are available to us in expanded states of awareness.
  • Contains over 50 gorgeous full page photos of the flowers and their almost invisible devas. On the opposite page is the flower’s “speak” or what it says its service is. These are not brief descriptions, but a full page of detailed information about the flower and why it is essential for our healing and evolution and how it likes to be cared for so that it will flourish in your garden.
  • Holds the most detailed description of the hierarchy of the non-physical realms of etheric assistance available to us that we are aware of.
  • Discusses the way in which the author “visits” in meditation, a portal in which the flower’s share their service through their “speak.” A CD can be purchased separately that takes the reader on that meditative journey.


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